How the retail industry can help to reduce unemployment

The government is constantly discussing and revising its approach to the question of unemployment. Less people out of work means fewer people claiming job seekers allowance and a rise in overall disposable income, both advantages for the state of the economy. With the closure of high street stores set to continue in 2019, and retail workers facing the highest levels of unemployment, it’s important that successful retailers do what they can do reduce unemployment in the industry — but how? Continue reading “How the retail industry can help to reduce unemployment”

Chill Insurance secures Aaran Insurances acquisition

Online insurance broker Chill has announced the acquisition of Dublin-based broker Aaran Insurances. Chill, which has annual revenues of nearly €24 million (£20.7 million), has been experiencing considerable growth – and this latest move is designed to help further strengthen its market share.

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Benefits of Customised Shirts for Your Company

Many companies do not require employees to go to work with their custom shirts. They wear whatever is comfortable, which is also a good thing. However, there are also benefits to employees wearing custom shirts, so you may want to consider having them printed too. Moreover, it’s not just the employees who can wear them, but other people also. Here are the advantages that your business can get from having customised shirts.

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How to Run a Successful Gardening Business

For many, gardening isn’t just a passion – it’s a career. And this could apply to you. If you want to install your own business in this field, you can.

It’s often easier to do than it sounds. You just need to know how.   Continue reading “How to Run a Successful Gardening Business”

What is legal resourcing?

Having an in-house team can often be costly, particularly if you want to have a team that has an extensive knowledge base.

If you are in need of ad-hoc legal support or even more extensive maternity cover, you may want to consider getting in touch with a company who can offer flexible legal resourcing.

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Pension mis selling is almost becoming one of the biggest scandals in the United Kingdom due to increasing numbers of unauthorized introducers. A research done by the Financial Conduct Authority has revealed that out of 8 people who sort financial advice within the last 1 year, one was mis sold a pension product. As a result, insurers and advisers stand paying at least £6 billion as compensation to the retirement savers. Continue reading “MIS-SOLD PENSION WITH CHERISH WEALTH MANAGEMENT”

The benefits of a bridging loan

If you’ve considered bridge finance as a possible means of financial support, here are just some of the ways it can help you

Bridge loans, residential or commercial, can act as an effective means of short-term finance when you need it the most. Unlike more traditional methods of financial support like a mortgage, bridge finance offers you funding quickly in order to cover a gap in your finances or provide the money you need to take advantage of a short-lived opportunity. Continue reading “The benefits of a bridging loan”

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