How to Use General Power of Attorney for Your Business When You Are Away

General Power of Attorney is a legal document that delegates the power to make decision on your behalf on all business matters when you are not available. There are two types of POA forms including short and long form. The short form is the most popular form – it does not have any description for each power and it also cannot be used for planning estate power. The long form can be used to provide additional power for the agent and planning estate power.

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The Bottom Line is Everything: 6 Ways to Increase Your Company’s Revenue

To succeed in business you have to keep on pushing. If you don’t, security isn’t guaranteed. Business sectors are always growing and evolving, changing with the times and adapting new technology. The companies who fail to adapt aren’t able to hold their stable positions – instead, their market share falls, and their brands disappear into obscurity. It’s the ones who push hard, the aggressive expanders, who go on to prosper and make their mark.

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The Anatomy of a Great Online Store

How many times have you jumped online seeking to buy something, but instead you came away annoyed at not being able to get what you wanted? It’s certainly happened to me more times than I care to remember, prompting me to write an entire post about the anatomy of a great online store, which in fact is just the anatomy of how a standard online store should be. In fact, there are some elements to be discussed which should make for standard inclusions in the simplest of informational websites as well. Continue reading “The Anatomy of a Great Online Store”

5 Things Small Companies Should Emulate From Big Companies to Drive Success

Every big company out there has started off as nothing but an idea at some time. Eventually, this idea becomes reality, usually as a small company (unless a lot of funding is involved), and from there it’s time to focus on growth. Eventually, the company might become a big one, even a multinational giant. Who knows?

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Learn How to Make an Indoor-Friendly Paper Bag Ball

Okay, so the long, warm days of summer are a distant memory. Even Christmas has come and gone, and now your kids are stuck inside on rainy days instead of being able to get out and burn off their energy. Instead of letting them get bored or park themselves in front of the TV or computer, why not get them moving with a game of indoor catch? Continue reading “Learn How to Make an Indoor-Friendly Paper Bag Ball”

The Rise of Social Trading

While there are indeed some online trading platforms which are explicitly marketed as social trading platforms, there are many more which assume the form of social trading platforms but aren’t officially referred to as such. For instance, one of those out-the-box discussion forum sites which have been modified and customised to operate as a forums over which to discuss trading, makes for an example of what is effectively some social trading going on, even though no money changes hands in a manner which is directly related to trading. It could very well be a free platform too, like many of them are, where people just share some news with regards to stock picking tips, what the markets rumour mill has on the go, and which stocks individual contributors are perhaps contemplating taking some positions on. Continue reading “The Rise of Social Trading”

Things you need to know as a currency trader

There is no need for the traders to place their trades every once in a while. It has to be with proper planning and the traders will also need to give their best to the trades. Only, then there will be good returns from the trading approaches. The market analysis will have to be done properly by the traders to ensure the trades in the markets. Before that, the traders will have to make some proper preparations from their side to the trades. In this article, we are going to talk on that with more details. Our main concern would be to save yours from investing in too much trades for earning more profits from the markets. Instead, if you can manage the trading process less frequently and with more time, there will be good profits coming to your trading account. So, do not let the trades to be too much of a mess for yourself. Continue reading “Things you need to know as a currency trader”

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