One of the greatest writers of all times Charles Dickens wrote one of his best pieces ‘Bleak House’ around the drama of a last will and testament.


Such stories might be fun to read, but in reality the executing of a will can be a messy business.

According to a BBC review in 2010, only three in 10 people have a will. This statistic meant that £53m went to the treasury account from people who died intestate – without a will.  The prior year the amount was £76m.

A lot could go wrong if you die without a will. Let’s take a look at a few of the problems that can arise.

  • No Reassurance

A will helps to ensure that your assets, possessions and savings are given to the people or causes that you care about. Even though you are not around, you can be sure that your assets will be passed on to whoever you wanted them to go to.

  • Your Relatives Will Fight Over Your Possessions

Without a will stipulating how you want your estate or possessions to be shared, your relatives might fight and bicker over who gets what, and, at the end of it, those you really care about might end up getting nothing. As Muhammad Ali’s recent death shows, even with a will there can be a lot of mistrust. You don’t want to be the cause of disharmony in your family.

  • Family Heirlooms Could Be Lost And Not Passed Down Through Generations

Heirlooms of your family might be lost to ex-spouses or secondary family members.

This legacy and tradition embodied in the object might be lost if there is no will to dictate who gets what. By stating exactly who you’d like your most precious possessions to go to in your will, you can be sure that they will end up in the right hands.

  • Your Assets May Not Be Used To Cate For Your Loved Ones

If you do not make a will, the law decides who gets what. This decision may not be beneficial for your partner (especially if you are unmarried) and this could leave a lot of worry and hardship in your wake.

  • No One to Care for Your Pets?

Our furry little friends may have no one to care for them if we do not make provision for them in our wills. It is important to make robust plans for your pets to prepare for a scenario where you have an untimely demise. Otherwise, they could be sent to a shelter and in extreme cases put down.

Writing a will requires professional advice and guidance. The language, layout and means of execution are all very important; and delicate matters. People have mistakenly written their loved ones out of their wills in the past.  You need to ensure you get guidance from a professional service that has extensive experience with Will and Testament writing and execution in the UK.  This is the only way you can ensure you have a will that truly reflects your wishes after you have passed on.

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