Windows though look strong are still exposed to a great variety of damages: rotting, rusting, drafts, pouring from water leaks, etc. If you want your windows to serve you as long as possible and look nice, then you need to pay attention to their maintenance. However, according to Oakville windows professionals, regardless of your efforts the day for replacement will eventually come, especially if you still have original windows in your home.


When the time for replacement comes, be firm and ready for the renovation. New windows promise to be not only a great refreshment of the house’s appearance but also a perfect addition in terms of energy efficiency and added value. If you started thinking about the idea of replacement, read below several tips and ideas about the windows replacement from Euroseal windows professionals.

When to replace old windows?

In order to know the moment of the coming replacement, pay attention to the following signs of old windows:

Poor performance — if your windows do not open or close tightly; if you feel drafts and constant air leaks coming from the windows; if you see signs of fogging or condensation on or between glass panes.

Look — according to the Oakville windows contractors, this is the easiest thing to notice: deterioration, chipping or water stains; shabby appearance or outdated design that do not blend well with the rest style of the house.

Effort — it takes ages to clean your windows; maintenance becomes a torture because of the missing replacement parts and “swelled” frames.

Improve energy efficiency

One of the most frequent considerations that make people think about the windows replacement are connected to the energy efficiency of their house in general. Euroseal windows experts from Oakville say that new windows with improved coatings will help you increase interior furnishings protection level, Low-E glass coatings will help reduce heat transfer and UV rays frequently blamed for faded away carpets and wallpapers.

Low-emissive glass coatings are used to reflect more heat back into the outer world and not let it come into the house. In this way it become much easier to keep your home cooler in the warm seasons and warmer in the colder ones. As a result your energy bills will get lower, because less energy will be required to preserve constant temperature inside of the house. Oakville windows experts also point out that low-e coating generally make windows slightly darker if compared to standard glass if you look from the exterior of the house.

If you replace your windows with double- or triple-pane windows then you also need to consider special fillers that increase house’s insulation. As a rule you will be offered krypton or argon for these needs.

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