At some or other point in all our lives, each of us gets some sort of windfall, as subjective as the actual amount of money you receive may be, given that we’re not even remotely in similar financial situations. The thing about windfalls though is that they have a knack for coming at the wrong time!

I can personally look back on many times in the past when I came into a nice lump-sum of money with which I didn’t quite do anything nearly as constructive as I’d do if I received that exact sum of money today, right now. I’m not even talking about receiving it inflation-adjusted. Those few extra thousands and in some instances tens of thousands I had access to way back when could be put to much better use if I should be so lucky as to get such a windfall again.

The good news however is that windfalls generally tend to come around more than once in one’s life, with the particularly big ones that come with life-changing potential generally coming around twice in a lifetime. Although it must be said that usually the second time around the windfall doesn’t always come in a very obvious manner, such as getting an inheritance or anything of the sort. Sometimes it comes in a very subtle way that perhaps takes a bit of skill to be able to spot, but it is a windfall nevertheless.

Either way, if you’re still mulling over a long-gone lump-sum you mishandled in the past, think of it as a very expensive learning curve! This way you can begin to put some structures in place to have you fully capitalising on the next windfall which comes your way, be it one which you actively go out to seek or indeed one which catches you on the blind side and gives you an unexpected but welcome whack on the head.

I mean you might religiously choose numbers to wager on online lottery platforms such as, but this is often done without any thoughts of just what you’d actually do with the money if you won it. In the particular case of this online betting platform ( you wouldn’t even need to match all five numbers to walk away with a life-changing sum of money, but if it were to happen, would you be prepared for it?

It’s very easy to say you’ll see what you do to cross the bridge if and when you get to it, but I fear that if that’s the strategy you take to handling your quota of windfalls in your life, you’re only setting yourself up to make the very same mistakes you made with your first windfall.

Start planning right this instance. The worst that could happen is that you realise that you can perhaps work yourself to a better financial standing without having to rely on a lump-sum of money, while the best that could happen is that your second windfall does indeed come to find you, in which case you’ll know exactly what to do with it to make sure you never have any regrets again.

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