If you’re a businessowner, you’ve probably noticed a pronounced shift away from plastic packaging and towards more eco-friendly packaging; in fact, odds are you’ve already made the change yourself.

However, you might still be holding back. If you are, here are just a few reasons why it makes sense to switch to eco-friendly packaging.

Better for the Environment

The most obvious benefit of eco-friendly packaging should also be the most compelling: switching to it helps the planet. Eco-friendly materials will be taken from sustainable sources, made without using excess energy or dangerous chemicals, and should be cheap and easy to recycle once customers are done. Most of all, they should be strong enough to use more than once.

When you use packaging that’s bad for the environment, you’re contributing to planetwide problems. That single-use plastic bag you provide could end up choking marine animals, covering the countryside, or simply laying in landfill for hundreds of years.

Avoid Negative Reactions

It used to be that customers were only moderately interested in eco-friendliness, but views have changed over the last few years. Modern customers value businesses that invest in eco-friendly packaging instead of sticking to old-fashioned plastics that only serve to harm the environment. Even if those plastic packaging options cost less, they could end up costing you money when customers form a negative impression of how you run your business.

Bring in More Business  

While using packaging that’s bad for the environment can turn customers away, using materials that are good for the environment can bring them in and keep them coming back, which is obviously the way you want to go. Using eco-friendly packaging broadcasts responsible business practices to your customers, which naturally makes them form a more positive impression of your business. It’s particularly advantageous if you’re selling natural products, but switching to eco-friendly packaging can provide a boost to any kind of business.

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