You might not realise it, but your business could probably benefit from a new work environment. Don’t believe us? Here are the tell tale signs you should look out for.

You’re running out of room

The simplest reason for wanting to move offices is that it no longer comfortably houses your business. As your business becomes more successful, you’ll inevitably hire new team members, and each of them will need their own workspace and computer monitor. If you feel that your office is stopping you from hiring new people because you’re worried about fitting everyone in, it might be time to think about moving to a new place.

You don’t have the facilities you need

This is a common reason why businesses feel the need to move to new premises. A lack of facilities can refer to many things, from not having enough internet access to please everyone to not having enough parking spaces for all your team members and visiting clients. It can even just be that you don’t have enough sockets and need to rely heavily on extension leads.

Your office needs updating

The longer you stay in a space, the more likely you are to come across problems and breakages which occur over time. These can become more and more common as time goes by, and in some cases it’s easier to simply move to a new, higher quality working environment rather than trying to fix all the little problems which keep occurring. That way, you can leave the wear and tear of your current office to be someone else’s problem.

Clients struggle to find you

A better location can also improve your relationship with clients, especially if your current office is difficult for people to find. If you find that clients often complain that it’s tricky to determine your exact location, it might be an idea to consider somewhere with a more obvious setting.

You need to downsize

Perhaps your business isn’t growing in the way you’d hoped it would, and the cost of your current office is eating into your monthly profit. Downsizing to a more appropriate office space can make it easier for you to enjoy your income without worrying about paying off an elaborate workplace. Shutting multiple offices and housing all staff and services in one premises can be a good way of reducing unnecessary costs.

Your lease is up

Many businesses choose to graduate from leasing an office to purchasing their own premises. With rent, you’re essentially putting a chunk of your business income into someone else’s pocket, whereas purchasing your own office is a key business investment that can serve as a profit down the line. The initial cost is what stops most businesses from taking the leap to buying, but with short term finance solutions like bridging loans available from trusted providers like Glenhawk, concerns about any gap between selling and buying can be alleviated.

You’re in a bad location

When you first started your business, it might be that you could only afford an office space located in a more remote environment. But as your business becomes more successful, you’ll find yourself able to invest in a more central location. This will make it easier for both team members and clients to reach your business.

You want a fresh start

A new office environment is the perfect chance for a new beginning. If your business has been through a lot recently, investing in a brand new workspace can give you, your team and your business overall a new lease of life in order to reach new heights and find even more success.

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