Corporate law is considered to be one of the best areas of law have a career in.

The role can be challenging but varied and corporate lawyers work with a range of businesses from multinational corporations to small businesses or even government/regulatory bodies.

What does a corporate lawyer do?

As a corporate lawyer, your portfolio of work will be hugely varied, but will generally include: acting on mergers and acquisitions, looking at the restructuring of corporate entities, hiving-off of unprofitable sections and potentially helping clients secure finance.

Amongst the different types of deals and transactions which constitute corporate law, a big portion of work involves dealing with private equity funds and listing clients’ companies on recognised stock exchanges.

A private equity player usually holds some kind of stock or ownership in unlisted companies.

A private equity lawyer’s job is to make relevant financial arrangements when it comes to floating a new business venture, further expansion of operations, a tie-up or takeover with another company, or MBO financing.

There are many different stages when working on cases in corporate law. In the initial stages you may be required to negotiate and draft documents with the help from your client and their accountants, financial advisors and managerial staff. When dealing with cases where you are procuring finance, you will be involved with completing due-diligence reports and checking existing debts, liabilities and ownership details.

To top it off, you will work on finalising the deal with all involved parties, getting necessary approvals through board meetings and completing registration and other formalities where necessary.

What makes a good corporate lawyer?

The first thing that makes a good corporate lawyer may seem obvious, but it is vital that you have good knowledge of business law. Keeping up with trends and business news will also help you keep on top of your game and following any legislative changes or proposals is important.

It is worth noting that you will also need to build up knowledge and familiarity with areas of corporate/business law that you do not necessarily deal with every day but that your clients may have operations or interest in.

A corporate lawyer also needs to have strong communication and negotiation skills as they will be dealing with all sorts of people and often working with groups to reach an end result.  A strong academic background combined with analytical skills and the ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’ is important.

Corporate law does allow for earning good money, but it is very competitive, and hours can be long, particularly in a high-end law firm. Anyone considering it needs to have ambition and the drive to push themselves each step of the way.


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