Video to marketing is essentially what a cool breeze is to a hot summer’s day; it just makes everything better. But such a simple analogy in fact does video a disservice because the importance of video is far more wide-reaching and nuanced. The way we are all engaging with online content is changing and video is the future.

Well-produced brand film is inherently shareable across all social media platforms, which means that increasing brand awareness, conducting effective outreach, improving social media engagement and securing additional leads and sales can now only really be truly accomplished with a cohesive and considered brand video strategy.

Data shows that business owners and marketers are starting to recognise the power of brand video. 87% of marketers have integrated video content into their marketing and media distribution efforts, rising from 63% in 2017 and 81% in 2018 [3]. But with so much competition, how can you ensure that all eyes are on your content over that of your closest rivals?

Having a video go viral can put your brand on a world stage and will effectively amplify all the benefits that you would have felt had the video simply been moderately successful.

Is there a formula for virality or is it luck?

There is no one route to virality but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that many viral videos have in common. It is important to remember that we are still in the founding stages of video marketing and this is an area where innovation is often rewarded, however there are elements that you can incorporate into your brand videos to increase the likability, shareability and memorability of your content.

From humour to intrigue and frustration to actual tears, the best viral videos successfully evoke an emotional response from their audience.

In 2013, TrueMoveH prompted collective sobs and mass streams of tears when their “Giving” video campaign was released. The video tells the story of a man whose life-long generosity was repaid when he needed it the most and it’s successful because audiences are given the space to form an emotional connection with the content without being interrupted by any heavy-handed branding or commercial messaging until the very end.

If there’s a story you want to tell that relates in some way to who you are and what you do, then let it drive the direction of your video content and really strive to make an emotional impact that will resonate with your audience long into the future.

Originality is Everything

The most successful marketing campaigns drive results precisely because they feel fresh, original and foreground the unique qualities of the brand and/or the products and services they are promoting.

Thinking outside the box and deliberately avoiding playing to expectations can result in a creative process that produces a strikingly innovative video marketing campaign with the power to immediately capture the attention of the people you most want to engage. This is a strategy that Kenzo employed when promoting a new fragrance in 2016 with their arresting brand video. The video may star a glamorous woman wearing a fancy dress attending a glitzy event, but her actions are very different from those often seen in perfume advertisements.

The production and marketing team behind this campaign were banking on this step away from traditional perfume advertising tropes to positively influence the video’s shareability and its 24 million views confirms that this strategy was a successful one.

Video Activation and Content Seeding

People can’t share your video if they can’t find it, which means that employing effective search engine optimisation (SEO) and cohesive marketing strategies that leverage the full power of social media and email marketing are crucial. Additionally, how you activate and seed video content will influence how much of an impact you are ultimately able to make.

The ‘Tease, Launch & Sustain’ approach as explained by Evelyn Timson of Aspect is one powerful method designed to increase your launch window and leverage multiple outputs across a variety of social platforms in order to secure maximum engagement. However you break down the process, good content seeding means being laser-focused in your approach by securing the best and most influential advocates who will share your content to an already engaged and interested audience. Paid promotion will only get you so far at the end of the day.

Ultimately, your sole motivation for creating video content should never be for it to go viral. The unpredictability of virality means that adopting this approach can lead to disappointment and will almost certainly steal focus away from the more tangible objectives and motivations that will help you to create video content that propels your business to both short and long term success.

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