Having a website for your business is an integral piece of your whole business plan, particularly if you sell product or services online. Whether you have an existing website or you’re planning on building your own with the Wix website builder template, there are a few things you should make sure you don’t overlook when making your visitors into paying customers.

Here are some tips to get you started:

Create a Profitable and Easy Call to Action

You may think that a call to action (CTA) isn’t that big of a deal or if you have one, it doesn’t need changing. If you’re struggling to make a sale or notice a lot of visitors, but no one buying, rethink your CTA.

While many websites have CTAs that let visitors sign up for newsletters and other special offers, they don’t have a CTA when it comes time to purchase. Words like “Order Now” or “Click Here to Buy” are effective, but often overlooked.

Don’t Make Customers Register to Purchase

You’ve probably shopped at a website where you have the option to register as a user or purchase as a guest. Giving your customer an option or not requiring them to create an account will help a sale follow through. Some customers may be fine with registering; others will go elsewhere to buy.

There is enough information that you collect through the purchase process that you shouldn’t need a customer to register.

Offer Discounts or Promo Codes During Slow Times

Every business experiences a slow time, and a good way to attract more paying visitors to your site is to offer a discount or promo code. Get creative and make your visitor (soon-to-be-customer) feel special. You could also offer a promo for a first-time buyer, but make sure you “wow” them enough to be a returning customer.

Put Some Thought Into Your Color Choices

The use of color on your website has more power than you may think. Some colors like orange and black are known to attract impulsive shoppers while blue creates trust and security. Take the time to look at your use of color and be careful that it doesn’t end up looking too tacky or busy.

Secure Checkout and a Reliable Carts

A secure checkout is a must. If your customer questions anything about their security, they won’t buy, and they may not visit your site again. It may cost you a little more to have extra security, but it will protect your customers and you, too.

A reliable cart is more important than you may think. Shoppers like to put stuff in their cart, leave it, and then come back. Glitchy carts are also bad for business because there are only so many tries a customer will take before moving on, empty handed.


Online shoppers are becoming more and more on the go. While you are likely to get a lot of sales from a desktop computer, you will lose a lot of potential customers if your website is not mobile-friendly.

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