Toronto is the fastest growing and education focused city in Canada. The city is full with a highly educated population in the world. There are four colleges and four universities and approximately 24,000 students enrolled in these universities and colleges every year.


University of Toronto

It is the largest university in Toronto colleges and leading research institute of Toronto. The university is also one of the top 20 universities of the world. It has an international reputation and use innovative technique to teach its students.

George Brown College

It is the most expanding college of arts and technology. The college is offering various courses such as diploma, degree, and many apprenticeship programs. The college also offers health science program to the students.

Centennial College

It is the most culturally different post secondary institute with the students of about 100 cultural collections. The college is serving its education in the east of Toronto. The college is growing to accommodate the changing needs of education.

Humber College

The college is providing more skills and high-quality education to its students so that they can become successful in this competitive environment. Humber business school provides more choices and areas of study as compared to the other business schools in Toronto. The college also offers part time and continuous learning opportunities.

OCAD University

It is the most leading art and design institute in Toronto. It is situated in the center of Toronto. The college has used many innovative approaches and unique education programs to make them efficient so that they can achieve their goals. The presence of OCADU in the city contributes appreciably in the cultural and creative revitalization.

These are the names of few colleges and universities in Toronto. The second career is a regional government program. Eligible contestants may succeed to get an amount of $28,000 for books, transportation, living expenses or for tuition fees. This will help in academic upgrading and assist in skills training. This program is funded by the government to help the train the workers so that they can get jobs in their fields.

The eligibility criteria for second career courses in Toronto

  • For the second career, a person should be underemployed or unemployed.
  • A person should be the resident of Toronto
  • Your employment contract should be ended, parental/ maternity leave, you were laid off or on sick leave, everything should be clear.
  • A person should be interested in any one course such as computerized accounting and office administration, civil engineering design and technology, payroll specialist, network administration, physiotherapy assistant, paralegal diploma or structural engineering and design etc.

If you want to apply for the second career eligibility you will have to tell about your skills, interests, and experience to the staff. Select a new career with good quality job scenario in your region. Choose a course on which you want training. After this selects a college, most of the institutions provide their courses on the internet.

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