Need to travel abroad for work? Then follow our top tips to ensure your travelling goes smoothly.

Safeguarding your health

Put your health first and foremost. Check what vaccinations you need in the country you’re visiting and ensure you have these in good time, plus enough supplies of any regular prescriptions you use. In addition, ensure you have sufficient travel insurance in place for your time abroad and that it covers work rather than holiday travel.  A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) can also help you to access state healthcare free or at a reduced cost in the European Economic Area and Switzerland.  

Your passport

Take several copies of your passport, as well as the genuine article, when you travel abroad, so if you happen to lose the original, you have the key information to hand. Also, leave a copy of your passport with a trusted person at home, so they also have all of the information they need, should a problem arise.

When it comes to money

Check the exchange rate before you leave, so you know what to expect and can keep an eye on your expenditure. Let your bank know that you’re travelling abroad, so they know it’s not fraud when your card is used overseas, or you could risk finding yourself with a deactivated card. Also, ensure that your debit and credit cards will work in the country you’re visiting.

However, having said that, it’s also important that you have some local currency too, for those smaller purchases and places that don’t take cards – just don’t carry too much cash around with you at any one time. Remember too, that some countries put a limit on the amount of cash you can carry without the need to declare it; outside of the EU, this is usually €10,000. Also check the amount of cash your insurance will cover you for, as there is usually a limit.

The best course of action when travelling abroad is to take a mixture of cash, cards and traveller’s cheques, so you are prepared for all eventualities. If you’re planning on using the latter, just ensure there is somewhere locally that will exchange for you, a little preparation in this instance will go a long way.

Stay in touch

Make it easy for colleagues, friends and family to keep in touch when you’re travelling abroad by setting up cheap calls to USA (or a number of other countries) before you leave. Callers won’t need a pin or a sim card, so making calls is straightforward. In addition, the billing is charged in one-minute increments, rounded up to the next minute, with a 5p connection fee for each call – so you’ll have complete clarity over what you’ll be charged.

Your work gadgets

Make sure you can use the electronic gadgets you’re taking on your travels, in the countries you’re visiting. Remember, you are likely to need adapters to use your laptop and charge your phone.

Essential items

Take a few essential items in your hand luggage, including a change of clothes – just in case your luggage is lost or mislaid. That way you have all your basic needs to hand, tiding you over until your bags are found.

So there you have our top tips for travelling abroad for work, a little preparation can make a huge difference in making the most of your time abroad and ensuring it goes smoothly.

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