Every business small and large wants sales. Finding the way to reach your target audience is always at the forefront, however, there are many different tools available on the internet today to help you boosts sales.


One of the greatest places to find more than one tool is at LinkedIn. LinkedIn has a very large community that allows professionals to connect but many ignore the tools available to help them generate more sales. Of course, there are other tools besides the ones you will find at this website that will help you gain sales from other sources.

Too many times, webmasters use various advertising schemes to create an income which can be annoying to their readers such as pop-ups. These types of tools will not create sales but will increase your bounce rate. Learning which tools, you can use to get your readers engaging with your website is the best way to generate sales. If at all you find it hard to manage all of your sales and feel like you require help from experts with regards to marketing, you may find the perfect service by searching in Hubspot Partner Directory. There are quite a lot of services to choose from, including website design, content creation, and email marketing.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

TLDR is used in the publishing industry by editors that make notes on books or other written content. The main reason it is used is to let the author know that the passage was just too long to read and the editor did not want to waste time reading the entire paragraph.

However, TLDR is also a great tool created by Matthew Barby that will generate leads. This tool creates a summary of an article using a call to action so if the reader wants to read more, they will need to input their email in a form. Once they put their email in the form, they will be sent to the remainder of the article.

By getting these emails, you can start sending targeted emails to the readers interested in your topics including links to items they can purchase.

Visitor Data

If you would like a way to learn more about your visitors so you can better target your audience, then Leadfeeder is one of the greatest tools. This tool actually connects to your own Google Analytics account and then grabs data on your visitors. You will be able to learn more about each visitor including their Business 2 Business connections and their LinkedIn connections among more information.

More Data than Google Analytics

Another awesome tool that will help you learn about the behavior of your visitors that Google Analytics does not tell you is HotJar. Using this tool will show which portions of a website is the most popular using heat maps. By having this information, you will be able to better optimize your website as you will see the actions that your visitors do on each page such as clicks.

This tool/service also provides other options to help you with conversion rates including polling, optimization tools for funneling sales, and record visitor’s precise session.


Using various tools can improve your sales once you learn which tools are best for you whether you need one to gather emails or one that will help you implement proper optimization. All of these tools combined can be a powerhouse of data that can make your small business grow and become a success. By using the different tools available, you can easily learn more about your targeted audience, where your visitors are clicking and of course be able to promote your products or services in a more accurate manner.

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