The quality of your office signs, believe it or not, can be the difference in a customer choosing your place of business or just walking on by, regardless of the service or product that they need and the urgency with which they need it. Think of some of the most effective business signs, and the way they stick in your mind. While it would be difficult to make a business sign as simple and effective as the McDonald’s logo, it’s important to note just WHY that sign is so memorable. Because of their brand recognition, seeing their logo forms an instant connection between fast foods and satisfying the customer’s hunger. Having a well-designed office sign will help you form this connection with your clients, so here are some design tips to keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

Don’t over-clutter office signs with content. Keep it pretty simple, as an office sign should be eye-catching and easy to understand. Don’t use a curly or hard to read font, and don’t use more than 2 different ones. Make sure the name of your business is depicted legibly on your office sign. Contrast is also important. Considering the material of the wall and sign and how they will look together, as well as lighting, can really make your sign pop in a typical office environment.

Make Them Look

One way to grab attention is making the sign three-dimensional, as an attractive, three-dimensional company logo can make quite an impression. Another way to grab attention is bold color. As stated above, McDonald’s red arches are a good example, as the intense red draws interest to the sign. Colour can be a great attention-grabber, but try to match it to the tone of your business. For instance, darker colors such as greys and navy blues may suit a more conservative business, such as one offering services of a serious legal nature.

Different Approaches

In today’s highly distracting work environment, finding ways to make your office signage engaging can go a long way towards making your impression on the client. For example, in addition to your wall signage, why not design some additional directional text for the floor or on stairs? The company logo, for example, or standalone graphics incorporating inspirational messages would work well. A wall design can also be quite eye-catching, many businesses opting to cover whole walls with images of company founders, products, or appealing graphics. Putting art on panels is another attention-grabber. Acrylic glass can be digitally printed on, making hanging panel displays look as if they’re floating, and providing a refreshing reading experience.

The office signs you put up are usually the first things a client sees, so make sure that they are appropriate and represent what you do in the best possible light.

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