Business remains a male-dominated field. Although real changes for women have occurred, these changes are, more or less, incremental. Of course, women are just as capable as men, but women face challenges on many fronts. For example, they may be perceived as bossy or rude while a man with the same behavior is considered assertive. Here are a few tips that should help women who want to get ahead and stay ahead in business.


  1. Actively Plan to Be Promoted

 As this article from WSU Online points out, being promoted is not a given, no matter how hard you work or how talented you are. In many companies, this point is especially true for women. A man who has not done as much as a woman may end up rising higher through a company’s ranks—and faster.

 On an individual level, perhaps the best thing that you, as a woman, can do is to actively plan to be promoted. That means you do everything with the awareness that you want to go places. Establish mentor-mentee relationships with both men and women higher up in the company. Make clear that you are interested in becoming an executive with the company. Never wait for a promotion to fall into your lap.

  1. Get Selective about Employers

One reason that many women are held back compared with men is that the bulk of family responsibilities fall to women. Arranging day care, cooking, cleaning, and much more are the duties of quite a few women who work as many hours as their spouses.

Many ways exist to address or minimize this problem; one is to seek employment at companies that have proven reputations in helping women succeed. Work at Alibaba is one of the good examples of careers for mba program graduates, as the company emphasizes family unity, female leadership (as well as male), and transparency, among other things.

  1. Work with People

This tactic is important for men, but it is essential for women. You must be able to understand how the various people you work with (supervisors, colleagues, subordinates, clients, and so on) communicate and process information, and discover how to best reach them. In this case, “reaching them” may entail how to motivate them, how to lead them, how to communicate with them, and how to be firm with them. It is unlikely that a one-size-fits-all approach will be successful.

  1. Have Joys and Hobbies

Work cannot be your sole pleasure or goal in life. Perhaps this sounds counterproductive; after all, if you want to go far in business, should you not prioritize it? Absolutely. You should prioritize it but not at the expense of becoming a well-rounded person. Traveling, art, films, and volunteering are examples of why many executives and entrepreneurs succeed. Not only do hobbies provide a work-life balance, they help people understand how to better communicate and relate to folks in general.

Hobbies also build your social and professional networks. The more people you know, the better. The more skills and talents you have, the better. Lively and energetic people are more likely to go places.

Most women in the business world have a much harder road than men do. The above strategies should help these who want to spread their wings and rise far.

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