When it comes to finding a good employee, sometimes it can be more difficult than it is a breeze. Many employees can come on board seeming incredibly enthusiastic and qualified only for you to discover a few short weeks or months later that they simply weren’t a good fit.


A good employee is something that should be treasured and never taken for granted. While there is never any 100% way to be sure that the person you are hiring is going to work out perfectly, same as with any relationship in life, there are a few ways to improve your odds.

Here are some of the best ways to make sure that the employees you find are going to last the long run.

Check References

Make sure that you are checking your references instead of just trusting that they are accurate. The type of insight you can get from previous employers is something that can save you lots of energy time, and even save you a potential lawsuit.

Always be sure to do your fact checking through a background check for employment when taking on a new employee. Also, your employee’s resume should be an exact reflection of the truth, and if anything wavers from being accurate, you should definitely accept it as a red flag and pass.

Remember, the type of people that you want representing you and your business are people that value honesty.

Must Have a Compatible Work Style

If you are a workaholic who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently, then you should seek out people that are like-minded in that regard. If you are most laid back and prefer to let the creative process work its will rather than force production, then you probably want to seek out people geared more towards that work style.

Make sure that when you are filtering people out as candidates that you ask them what their workflow is like.

If the job you’re looking to fill requires a lot of rubbing shoulders with other employees and teamwork is required, you’re going to want a team player. By confirming that your work styles are compatible before hiring rather than after hiring, you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

Must Be Likable

While an efficient worker is most definitely important, the quality of someone’s work can be completely overshadowed by the fact that some can be a disagreeable person.

A nice and likable character is important when you’re looking for anyone to join your team, particularly if you already have a group of employees that have a good dynamic.

Throwing someone into the mix that doesn’t fit into the personality profile of the kind of people you already have can completely disrupt the team morale.

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