Creating a business of your own is a huge endeavour. For many entrepreneurs, it is the stuff of dreams, yet this doesn’t detract from its challenges. It may be thrilling, adrenaline inducing, and thoroughly rewarding, yet it is also hard, confusing, and at times utterly soul-destroying.


The trick to getting it right lies in a few simple steps. There are a thousand different things for new business owners to think of, yet some are more important than others. They are the fundamental building blocks of a business, the things that make it functional and make it known. With each of them in place, you can give your business the very best chance of success. So what, exactly, are they?

Step One: Choose the Perfect Premises

The first step in creating a start-up with real potential is to find the perfect premises. These must meet a number of important criteria: they need to be within your budget; be accessible for you, your staff members, and your clients; and be ‘on brand’. The best way to begin is by narrowing it down to potential locations, and then finding property within these areas that falls within your budget. Once you have a shortlist, spend some time visiting these potential locations, assessing how far each of them meets your needs. If costs are really tight, you might even want to consider a virtual office: acquiring a virtual office address can have numerous benefits for startups, not least providing you with the prestige of an address in a desirable area without the associated costs.


Step Two: Employ the Very Best

Once you know where your business will be located, it’s time to start hiring some employees. For a start-up, in particular, finding the right people is imperative. The chances are that you won’t be able to offer the most competitive wages off the bat, so you need to find people that are willing to be paid less in exchange for the opportunity to work for a business that has real potential. To do this, you’ll need to sell your business as much as applicants sell themselves. Don’t be afraid to take a risk on untapped potential; after all, that’s exactly what you’re asking potential staff members to do for you.

Step Three: Make Your Name Known

Once you have the perfect premises and employees that you can rely on, your start-up has a solid foundation to work from – but one important thing is missing: a customer base. The best way to build this is by making your name known, but this is not something that you can achieve overnight. The quickest way to do it? Harness the power of the internet and invest in some SEO. The more people that know about you, the more opportunities you’ll have to turn them into paying customers.

Set your start-up on the path to success today with these three top tips.

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