Ever wondered why other managers have a stellar relationship with their team, yet their companies still make huge sales? Yes, you must have heard the rumor that you must get intense with your employees for them to work. That’s totally wrong.

Below are the 4 sure-fire ways you can motivate your sales team and make even better sales than what your competitors are already making:

1. Building Trust with Your Sales Team

If you want to gain trust with the people on your team, then you will have to motivate them in one way or the other. Remember to gain the trust of your sales team begins with you. You will have to show that you have the best intentions for them. And with that, they will get themselves driven to their career.

Let’s get honest here. Unmotivated workers will always do their work without any inspirations. Therefore, you will need to improve on that. But how? You will have to an extra mile by setting up an open forum where you’ll be honest with them and give them a chance to address their challenges.

So, transparency is the key here! Once you are open minded with your working team, everything comes automatically.

2. Asking Your Personal Assistants How they Would Like to be Managed

This might not happen in most cases but you are never going to have regrets in the end. The decisions and the steps you take when handling your team counts a lot. Perhaps, what will always come to your mind is that your team might lose respect for you.

That’s completely insane. Be open with them and get to know their lifestyle, their schedules and preferences too. This will help greatly both on your side and that your team thus, efficacy.  If this doesn’t work, you can use Spiro to boost your sales team’s effectiveness.

3. Understand Your Personal Assistants’ Preferences and Professional Goals

For you to motivate your team, then you will have to understand their desires. You can understand their desires by promoting a good working relationship because by this, you will get to know him or her better.

Alternatively, you can always ask them what goals would they like to accomplish in life. However, you will identify what motivation to use with no-brainer.

Once you have done that, you can always ask them any questions regarding motivation. For example, how they feel after motivation. They may not give you an instant answer to whichever question you ask them. Instead, give them time to get a thoughtful answer which will work on both of you.

4. Make Sure Your Team is Doing the Basics

As an employer you can easily notice when your salesperson’s is distracted or disengaged. Therefore, need to act immediately. Ask him or her what is it that they desire or what may be distracting them and perhaps offer a motivation.

Remember, your ignorance will always lead to failures. So, inquire from your salesperson what he or she could be suffering from. Sometimes it could be that he or she doesn’t get enough sleep or maybe he’s  just exhausted. For this reason, you can offer them a little break to rest.

In a nutshell,  having interest of heart for your salesperson’s will make you incredible motivation sales.

Bottom Line

Creating a good relationship with your working team will always contribute to higher sales. Find a motivational trigger that will always make them gain your trust.

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