Along with many other costs of living, the price of smoking has increased over the past few years, to scary amounts. We’ve worked out the maths behind the habit. The following figures are based on the latest data, with the Office for National Statistics finding the average number of cigarettes smoked a day are 11.3 in Great Britain, with a month based on an average of 30 days.

The Cost of Cigarettes

Under the latest budget, the cost of a pack of 20 cigarettes will be rising to at least £8.81. That works out at around 44p a cigarette as the minimum cost. For smokers of premium brands, it will be even more.

  • Day: £4.98
  • Week: £34.84
  • Month: £149.40
  • Year: £1,792.80

Rolling Tobacco Prices

From a 40g pack of rolling tobacco you can get around 50 roll-ups. Working with an average price of £14 for 40g, £35 per 100g. This works out as 28p per roll-up, cheaper than a cigarette.

  • Day: £3.16
  • Week: £22.15
  • Month: £94.80
  • Year: £1,137.60

Vaping Costs

Working out the cost of vaping is a little trickier. There is the cost of the device, from a Go Vype e-Stick at the lower end of the scale to an eBox (£9.99 to £44.99). Depending on the size of the device it can differ too. Working on an average of one bottle of refill liquid/cartridge a week (around £5.99), a mid-priced device, plus replacement batteries, and other accessories, the below costs were figured.

(£5.99 X 52 = £311.48) for e-Liquids, plus £25 for the device, £20 for two replacement batteries and £50 for accessories (including a clearomiser/atomiser, which are changed regularly, USB and/or car chargers).

  • Day: £1.11
  • Week: £7.80
  • Month: £33.87
  • Year: £406.48

These rough estimates demonstrate that there is a big difference between the costs of smoking cigarettes, roll-ups and vaping, however much you smoke a day.

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