Years ago, the only smartphone that any sane business owner would consider using was the BlackBerry. Designed solely for business use (and then taken over by the teenage group as the latest fashionable gadget), the BlackBerry was optimised for quick and easy instant communications between business owners and clients, employees and other contacts. Along with this, it offered a range of apps for productivity and management, making the life of a business owner easier. However, things have changed since then – and although BlackBerry phones are still used by some business owners, the smartphone market has opened wide to the corporate world. If you’re in the market for a new business smartphone, here are some of the best for you to choose from.image

Apple iPhone

iPhones have long been a firm favourite amongst many business owners. If you use any other Apple devices for your business such as an Apple MacBook, iMac or iPad, going for an iPhone seems like the most sensible option, as you can set all of your devices up to sync with complete ease. Not only that, but iPhones have long had a great reputation for mobile security – they come with passcode locking and fingerprint unlocking in the newer models, making them incredibly hard to get into by any unauthorised person. So, hard, in fact that even the FBI couldn’t do it! The Apple App Store is also home to a plethora of great business apps for reminders, productivity, email and communications and invoicing – all of which can help you to run your business more smoothly on the go.

Windows Phones

Previously owned by Nokia and recently taken over by Microsoft, Windows Phones are earning themselves a great name in the corporate world. And, this comes as no surprise – with a huge percentage of business owners using Windows operated computers for their work, using a Windows phone for business enables you to easily sync data and apps between your computer and smartphone. The new range of Windows 10 smartphones promise a completely seamless user experience across applications and displays, and the included app store also has a whole variety of useful business and productivity apps to help make your life as an entrepreneur, manager or executive easier.

Android Phones

Phones on the Android operating system can often be avoided by business owners, thanks to the bad name that these devices can often have when it comes to hacking and malicious malware, which they are very commonly a target of. However, when you take into consideration that there are a range of top-level, reputable mobile security apps which you can download onto an Android phone in order to protect them from such attacks, they become a good option for a business smartphone. And, with Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG and a range of further manufacturers to choose from, the options truly are endless. Let’s not forget the fact that Android phones also tend to be cheaper and easier to unlock than others by services such as, saving you money should you choose to switch networks.

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