When it comes to team building events, you probably think you’ve heard it all. From world record attempts to bridge building activities, there are literally so many activities to choose from that you could spend months planning your next event. This year, when the time comes for your next team building event, check out five of the craziest but most successful team building activities the UK has ever seen.


1. Fire Dancing

Complete with lighted swords and fiery hoops to jump through, this will be an activity that is just as exciting as it is rewarding. Book a local fire dancing act to come in and teach the art of making it through the moves without getting burned – literally! Then divide the teams up, prepare a choreographed routine to teach them and have a contest, complete with judges. With a choreographed fire dance as the team activity, your people will get a taste of what it feels like to go through ‘hell’ and back to take one for the team. A lot of fun and hugely rewarding!

2. Blind

Here members of each team will blindfold each other in turns and lead them to a spot where they can be told to leap. The key is to be out in the open with lots of crags and mires so that the person blindfolded isn’t for sure whether or not it is safe to jump. To make it even more exciting, let members of the opposing team/s lead the blindfolded person to a spot and be told to jump. That person will rely on the eyes and ears of his/her teammates who will call out encouragement or warnings so that you need to rely on the advice you are hearing. Isn’t this what team work is all about in its most literal sense?

3. Flash Teaming aka Flash Mobbing

A rough definition of flash mobbing, or in this case flash teaming, is to get a group of people together who agree to suddenly begin doing some mindless and extremely funny ‘routines’ in public. It’s a highly popular pastime in the UK and elsewhere around the globe, but usually amongst the younger crowd who are used to getting odd stares because of their vividly coloured hair or outrageous garments. Form groups of dignified staffers and have them suddenly start acting in bizarre group ways to get the attention of those around them.

The team that gathers the most attention along with the most bystanders who join in the fun is the winning team. Consider the ramifications on a corporate level. If you are able to get total strangers to start acting crazy because you are having so much fun doing it, you can drive home the impact of team effort on your sales and marketing teams!

4. Performing as an Orchestra or Band

Some of the members of your staff may be musically inclined whilst others may never have sung the first note or strummed the first chord on a guitar. Bring in the local symphony or a popular band and give them 90 minutes to teach staff to play enough on a given instrument to play their part in an offering. The team that successfully ‘sounds’ like a whole, cohesive group gets the prize. Events agencies such as www.mgnevents.co.uk make it their business to stay in contact with interesting activity suppliers as they are constantly booking them. Let your events coordinator find the best talent in your area that can come in to facilitate a 90 minute workshop and contest.

5. Sheep Herding

We spend so much time within the four walls of a corporate environment that many team building events you can try in or out of doors. Sheep herding is extremely funny and something that just may take a team to accomplish. A dog is fast and can round up the herd quite quickly, getting them where they need to be. But have you ever tried this as a human? In fact, this is such a popular team building activity that you can find videos like the one linked above to show you how it’s done.

These are by no means the only wacky and successful team building events, but they are among the craziest and sure to be remembered for many years to come. Choose crazy activities that literally force your staff to work together as a whole and they will get to see just how important and just how much fun it is to work together to accomplish a common goal. That is, after all, what team building is all about.

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