Whether you’re a small business owner or indeed if your operation has already grown into a sizeable one, fully integrating new staff members always seems to come with an array of its own challenges. It’s never just as straight-forward as introducing the new employee to their co-workers and then having everything sail smoothly from there. There are a number of very fragile dynamics which can either make their addition a valuable one or one which throws a spanner in the works. Personalities, egos, formed inner-circles and cliques aside, for you as the business owner, manager or other authoritative figure, at the end of the day it has to be a productive addition.


There are some generic exercises which you can build-on and tailor to break the biggest new staff member-integration barriers which can otherwise take a number of different forms, including cultural differences, corporate cultural differences, hierarchal structures and their interpretations, and any other barriers employees seem to have a talent for creatively cooking up.

Organise a Mini Corporate Event

Corporate events make for the perfect platform to not only successfully integrate new members of staff, but also to keep tabs on your establishment’s progress and to strengthen existing connections between the current members of your team. The trick is not to be too hands-on however. Let your staff members organise the event, which doesn’t have to be a huge one. A corporate twist to the classic Musical Chairs game will do. However, instead of playing music and having the chairs facing outwards (arranged in a circle), they face inwards and everybody takes it in turns to give a two-minute oral presentation of what they learned in the recent past, what challenges they faced in doing their job, and what suggestions they have to make their working environment better in any number of ways they see fit. New members of staff must form part of this game and all they have to do is basically introduce themselves, after which intro they then give their open-ended view on what they expect, what they hope to learn and what value they’d like to add to their new job and your business.

Reinforce One-on-One Professional Relationships

A little bit of on-the-fly analysis on your part may have to come into play, but in order to seamlessly integrate new staff members, informally assign them a mentor or a figure of relative authority. Whoever amongst your existing members of staff has a vision which relates closest to that of a new staff member should be subtly pushed in their direction. You don’t have to be direct about it and you can simply imply your intentions by having those staff members stay behind after the corporate event and complete a simple task together, like stacking chairs or just putting everything which was used for the mini-event back in its place.

Compulsory Corporate Outing or Field Trip

The various logistical dynamics surrounding a corporate outing or field trip present a plethora of opportunities for the formation of one-on-one professional relationships between your existing staff members and any new additions to your team. You could perhaps invest in a Cheltenham hospitality package to have your staff members go and see the races as the outing’s main event, but don’t miss the opportunity to engage your team in a manner which compels them to interact with each other and in so doing integrate the new team members in the most natural way possible.

New members of staff don’t usually integrate that easily if there is a direct order for them to get integrated. It’s a matter of creating subtle team-building exercises which leaves all members of staff, old and new, with no choice but to interact with each other in situations where they have to work together.

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