As fascinating as it is to learn of the exploits of people who actually make a living as professional gamblers, it isn’t a reality that’s totally out of reach for those willing to put in the time and effort, and of course, the money. Being in business exposes you to so many different types of people and situations, one of which I had the pleasure of exploring was that of a professional gambler who was willing to share her “secrets.” I totally believed she was sincere because she brought it all down to being a numbers-thing, not so much a matter of being lucky and always winning bit jackpots.

There is no betting silver bullet


So the first lesson I learned was that there really isn’t some magic formula which will have you always winning, for sure. It is a lot like playing the stock markets or CFD trading and other securities, but it all really comes down to making sure that you’ve bet as big as you can (within reason) whenever the odds are likeliest to swing in your favour. Odds-on are that very shortly after you start to play the best online casino at or similar platforms which offer just a many features, you’re likely to win something. It may not be a huge jackpot, but it happens quite often so one can go a little bit big to anticipate this welcoming win of sorts. Of course it’s not guaranteed that you’ll win or that you’ll win big, but it’s just part of how the law of averages works and how it can be used in your favour.

Consistency is the key to success

The consistency which comes into play gets introduced into the equation with regards to two factors, namely your betting strategy as well as the platform you use for all your online gambling. It can be just one platform such as this site, or it can be a nice selection of about three to four sites. Either way, that’s how you get to learn about peak winning cycles and factors such as when the most people are online and gambling in addition to yourself, which naturally makes for bigger jackpots — particularly the progressive jackpots.

Learn how to control your emotions

imageThe operative word is “controlling” your emotions, which means keeping them in check as opposed to trying to take them out of the equation completely. The best trick used by my pro-gambler acquaintance is to mix things up a bit. When she feels a bit too excited and her heart beats really fast, to avoid making impulsive bets that fall outside of her strategy she plays some of the free games which are apparently a lot of fun as well.

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