Success is fickle. It likes to make you work hard to get her and just when it is inches within your grab, it will find another suitor. Thousands of people across the globe are working 12 to 16 hours a day, trying to get a taste of success. If all of us are working hard and we are doing everything possible in our capacity to reach heights, why are we still stuck in the daily rut? The answer is simple- luck.

Luck begins at birth

The family you are born in decides your life path, the kind of upbringing, education and career you will have. It would be unfair to believe that every office clerk who studies computer science every day for 2 hours will be as successful as an Ivy League graduate with millions of dollars in a trust fund. Of course, both could work equally hard, both could be equally responsible and determined but success will be different to them.

It is, therefore, apparent that luck favors a few and it is those people whose hard work is paid off. Did you know that a vast majority of American billionaire and millionaires have inherited their wealth or have been born in affluent families who could afford quality education and a comfortable future for their kids? If Bill Gates didn’t create Microsoft, will he still be better placed in life than you? Most probably, YES.

As wealth is becoming more concentrated with time, hard work is not a choice. It is a necessity. Ask someone working two jobs to make ends meet for their family. Ask the students who pass college with great scores but a looming debt that will make them a debtor for life.

Should we stop working hard?

Of course not. Even if you don’t have millions of dollars in your bank account, the fact that you can pay all your bills every month is the very first stair of success. Even if you can’t leap through a flight of stairs, you are doing your best and must do everything possible to gain a better life.

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