We live in a world that is becoming highly competitive when it comes to workforce. Even if you are applying for an entry-level position in any field, you will realise that they require a certain amount of experience. So the question is – how do you gain that experience right after you graduate?

The answer is paid internships. Paid internships allow you to gain valuable experience that companies will appreciate when you start applying for a job, as they want someone who has good corporate and communication skills. In order to get paid internships, you must have a stable foundation set up as that will help you receive many opportunities.

Let’s look at how studying at a business school can guarantee you a paid internship.

Networking Opportunities

A good academic institution should have good networking opportunities and partnerships with organizations that are looking for summer interns. In fact, intern housing facilities offered by companies similar to Urbanests also provide them the opportunity to network with people of different backgrounds during their internship period. Additionally, a good business school will have connections with companies that will help students put a foot in through the right door and make way for their paid internships to transform into full-time jobs. If you are still looking at business schools and have not made a decision yet, you can check out helpful websites such as Fortuna Admissions to assist with consulting.

Reputation Matters

A reputable institute can lend its reputation to its students.

One of the biggest benefits students get while studying at a reputable business school is the exposure they receive during their stay at the school and after they graduate. Companies tend to favour students who have earned a degree from respectable institutes. These institutes are known to have a high standard of education and their alumni are known to make significant difference in their respective fields. These students have a competitive edge over other students as companies are more likely to give paid internships to students who are enrolled at a reputable business school.

One example can be seen through Bologna Business School whose Center for Digital-Business Education is supported by Google. Imagine taking their Master in Data Science course to develop your IT and analytics skills, and then applying for a job with that on your resume? Your future employer will recognise the reputation of your school and the value of the course you’ve taken and it may work in your favour. If you can study at a school who has support from companies as big as Google, you’ll be putting yourself in an extremely good position.

Worldwide Exposure

Well-known business schools have the advantage of providing a great platform not only locally, but also internationally. This enhances a student’s chance of getting a better paid internship. The school should not limit itself to local partnerships, but should also look to collaborate with multinational companies. The students will get a chance to work abroad and also get a paid internship by learning how to adapt to different cultures.

Competitions and Conferences

Academic institutions should present students with opportunities that will let them showcase their talent and get noticed in front of companies and other venture capitalists. This will provide them with prospects they could not attain on their own. A business school tends to have certain platforms through which students get a chance to build their resume by representing their schools in competitions and conferences.

Engage with Actual Clients

A business school should incorporate projects in each class where students get to deal with actual businesses and help resolve their glitches. This is a great way of giving students the exposure they need and at the same time providing them an opportunity to showcase their talents, which could in turn lead to a promising paid internship.

Studying at a business school has its own set of perks. They try to give students opportunities that will land them a good paid internship and ultimately a full-time job in their respective careers.

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