Whether you’re a university preparing for an open day, a small business heading to a trade fair, or a shop that likes to engage with customers, you’ve probably thought a lot about promotional items. Giving something away for free really pays dividends when you do it right; the perfect item is used frequently afterwards, providing a constant reminder of your services.


The research seems to agree. A recent survey concerning the impact of various forms of advertising has uncovered valuable findings.

Everyone loves picking up something for free, and research suggested that 50% of people would take action with a certain business or institution after receiving a promotional product. Even more importantly, 94% reported that they would remember the advertiser who gave them the item up to six months after being given it.

Compare those findings to the results associated with other means of advertising:

  • 73% of respondents found banner ads irritating
  • 19% of respondents reported reacting to TV advertising
  • 11% of respondents reported responding to online adverts
  • 10% of respondents said they respond to print
  • 9% of respondents said they respond to direct mail

Promotional items also delivered a higher (or equal) ROI than other forms of advertising. If you think giving something away for free is for suckers, you’re quite clearly missing a trick.

Of course, you still need to decide on the right item to use. After all, almost anything can be branded and given away, from t-shirts to spatulas. However, the survey mentioned above provided a vital piece of information: well over half of respondents said that usefulness was the key driving factor behind a good promotional gift.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that branded bags are great to use as promotional items. They’re more usable than almost anything else you could give away since they can be called upon almost every day, and a cool design will make them likable as well as practical.

Promotional items clearly speak to consumers in a way that other methods of advertising don’t, and branded bags are perfect.

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