There’s many reasons why you might want to store petrol onsite for business and commercial purposes. However, you cannot simply go out and invest in petrol and then hold it any old place on your premises. There’s a number of rules and regulations you need to follow for safe holding of this fuel to ensure that you and your employees are protected and indeed to make sure your stored petrol is kept in top condition for use.


To point you in the right direction if you’re considering storing petrol for your business, here we look at why this can benefit you and what you need to have in place.

The advantages

One of the more obvious reasons why you may wish to do this is because your commercial operations need the fuel readily available. This could be for agriculture or possibly vehicle maintenance in some form. There are of course other reasons such as powering buildings and other machinery.

As well as being there when you need it, this can be financially beneficial in the long run as you are essentially buying in bulk for a set price and you can manage how much or little you use. What’s more as fuel prices are continuing to change, if they increase you’ll get better value for money on your petrol.

What you need to have

So, if you think this is the right move for your business, you’ll need to look into the following:

  • Finding a supplier that you can rely on and one which falls in line with Government legislations regarding taxes and safety.
  • Where you store your petrol. As aforementioned you can’t just keep it anywhere it needs to be held within storage tanks that can a) securely hold the amount you need, b) are designed within the right Health and Safety regulations and c) are easy to access. Additionally, it is recommended to have sturdy industrial safety barriers in place to protect from any unwanted knocks by vehicles.
  • These regulations are also highly important. You can find out everything you need to know from this Government page. It covers all aspects such as the minimum and maximum amounts you can store, the detailed laws surrounding fuel storage, guidance on the best on-site practises and more.

To hit a key point home, fuel storage can be a great move for your business but safety is of the utmost importance. So take on board this advice and soon you could be enjoying the all benefits this brings, in a working environment that meets the right Health and Safety standards.

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