Do you want to kick start a profitable business? Do you want to earn money without falling prey to the 9 to 5 lifestyle? If yes, then put your van to work and find the most rewarding business opportunities in the UK.

Millions of excellent, high-paying job opportunities are waiting for van owners to exploit. If you have a van, you have the flexibility of starting any business of your choice. No, you don’t have to spend time in leasing or buying a place for business in an expensive commercial region. You don’t even have to spend thousands of pounds on getting the perfect marketing strategy, hiring the right employees, and ensuring that all local regulations are met.

A van, which you can buy used at a fraction of the cost of the original, brings down your initial business setup costs. You will need to make some repairs and enhancements related to your business. When done, you are ready for a great business opportunity coming your way.

With a commercial van, you can start an express courier service business. 2.8 billion Packages are handled by courier companies in the UK every year and the number has increased steadily over time. You can make use of this opportunity to create a fabulous business for yourself. It doesn’t require any certifications or advanced skills. The average salary with this business could be 21,000 pounds.

If you are an industry recognized plumber, then a van could help you launch your business the right way. The average salary of a plumber is more than 31,000 pounds. Painters could earn 26,000 pounds. Just take the van, fill it up with your required supplies, and go wherever you are called. Your own van will solve most logistics troubles.

Are you passionate about food? Then start a street food business. A van could be converted into a food truck which could then be parked anywhere on the street, parks or even events to serve hot and fresh food to the people. The income you earn will vary but the business has been growing exponentially in the UK and you could take good advantage of it.

A less talked about but business idea is to start a mobile pet grooming service. Everyone loves their pets and they will be more than willing to let an expert pet groomer make their furry friends look beautiful near their homes. Get a van and start this business to earn over 21,000.

Do you feel excited about these opportunities and want to explore how to make use of your old van to bring extra revenue your way? Check out the Infographic below. It will give you all the information you need to start a great business with nothing but a van.

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