Sending employees away on business travel is a necessity for any company. With different reasons for travel, there are also varying costs associated with it. For companies that require employees to travel on a regular basis, the costs can make a huge dent in the operational budget. Today’s economic climate calls for more frugal measures without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

A large portion of company travel budgets usually goes on accommodation. In instances where the employee has to travel for an extended period of time, the cost of renting hotel rooms can be staggering. An alternative to hotels is serviced apartments and this is becoming more and more the accommodation of choice for business travellers.

If you are travelling to a major city like London, you can find serviced apartments in various areas around the city. There are also serviced apartments near residential areas where you can mingle with the locals. However, for business purposes, it is best to book a serviced apartment nearer to the building where you work. There are a number of providers offering serviced apartments in London. One example is Native Places where you can book an apartment in your chosen area anywhere in the city. You can also search online and compare rates from different providers. Don’t forget to read feedback and reviews from customers to help you narrow down your choices and get the best value for money.

So, what are the benefits of choosing a serviced apartment?

  1. Cost. Serviced apartments offer great value for money. Prices range from £80-£100 per night in London and even less in other areas in the UK. If you are staying for a longer period of time, you will get a cheaper rate. The greatest advantage to business travellers is the option to cook meals, as well as having a fully equipped apartment. This will significantly reduce the cost of meals, drinks, laundry, and other services. Another benefit is the option to book apartments with multiple rooms to accommodate a larger group of employees.
  2. Space. Serviced apartments are usually 30% larger than regular hotel rooms. You will get a separate kitchen and living area along with other facilities such as satellite TV, and Wi-Fi.
  3. Quality. Serviced apartments offer the same standard as hotels when it comes to accommodation amenities. Owners provide high-quality furniture and bed linen. Serviced apartments also come with free housekeeping, but you’ll have to check with the provider how often it is done since it varies depending on the length of your stay.
  4. Privacy and security. Owners of serviced apartments guarantee that guests remain safe and secure during their stay. Serviced apartment buildings are often smaller than hotels with fewer people coming and going. You will get more privacy and get fewer distractions if you want to rest or entertain guests for example.

There is no surprise that a growing number of businesses opt for serviced apartments to accommodate travelling employees. Not only is it relatively cheaper, it also offers homey comforts that are otherwise not available in traditional hotels.



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