Many a times, a sales team lead will take the initiative and make really great plans so as to set the ball rolling while also taking pains to ensure that everyone is on board, but only to see the overall effort flag off and stutter to a halt, for no obvious reason. This may well be due to the fact that the sales force spread over multiple regions was not aligned with the same goals and missions. This lack of alignment ends up creating both conflict and frustration amongst team members who may be spread over multiple geographical locations. This happens in spite of the fact that they may have to rely on each other to achieve overall success for the organisation as a whole.

o   The ‘Crab Bucket’ Syndrome

Many psychologists have described it as the “Crab Bucket Syndrome”. If a team of employees at a certain geographical location seems to be out-performing other teams in another city (for instance), the latter may well try to hinder their efforts rather than applauding them. In other words, every time a bunch of crabs try to clamber out of a basket, others will pull them down, effectively undercutting the company’s capacity to achieve its core goals and objectives.

o   Better communication leads to better alignment

The question is how to ensure that it does not happen? The answer lies in better communication of organisational targets at a holistic level. i.e. across the board, irrespective of locations of the different teams and sub-teams. But, perhaps even more than that, it is important to understand the root cause of this lack of alignment, due to which strategic goals are not communicated properly to the sales personal who form the real ‘boots on the ground’ for the company as a whole.

o   Defining and sharing the same objectives

Each sales team (regardless of its location) should have its strategy clearly well-defined along with its goals for a specific period of time (such as monthly, bi-annual or annual targets).

This is where an organisation such as comes into the picture, where they can help ensure that any misalignment between sales force goals and the upper management is quickly and efficiently removed.

For this purpose, certain steps need to be taken. These include programme initiatives that will help to effectively outline and eventually chart the overall program objectives while coming up with innovative methods to help achieve the goals. They will also require a timeline that will guide the team from start to finish and will also contain way points to ensure that they are on course to achieve their targets.

Apart from that, they will also clearly mention the costs as well as the benefits (to both the employees and the organisation) that may be expected from such programmes.

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