Politics comes into focus in this post as the central topic around a major reason why our progress as the human race generally appears to have slowed down in the last few decades. If you look at everything about what it entails to be a politician, from the a little while after you decide to get into the game of politics to the day you’re inaugurated as the president, it’s pretty much the epitome of how the right skills are applied to the wrong industry.

This view can perhaps even be flipped on its head and it will still make every bit of sense. It can indeed be viewed as applying the wrong skills to the right industry…

Motive changes

When an ordinary citizen makes the decision that they want to get into politics, their motive is usually a just one, often stemming from the need they identify to perhaps influence positive changes from within the power structures. Politicians are often out of touch with the reality as it exists on the ground and so the policies they fight to have implemented might make perfect sense to them, but they seldom make sense to the typical person on the street.

For all its purity however, your motive can change very quickly as you begin your ascension up the political ladder. This is where the view of the misplaced skills comes into full effect in that you’re forced to play the dirty game of politics to survive and to make the advancements you seek. The problem with this reality is that the dirty game of politics requires your complete effort and attention and so your motive begins to become solely about winning the political battles instead of focussing on how to implement the policies which fall in line with the original motive you had for getting into politics.

Wasted skills in politics

A plethora of skills go to waste within political structures, even those skills which otherwise have the power to inspire the kind of change which is often the reason why the masses engage in politics at all. Let’s take a look at a real world example, shall we?

Former president of the United States of America, Obama is quite the orator, is he not? Yet if you look at some videos of the speeches he gave in the beginning of his presidency and prior to assuming the office during his campaign, those inspired hope among even the most hopeless of people. Take a look at his speeches towards the end of his second term and you’ll see something totally different, with glimpses of the obvious talent clearly still visible, but as far as the fire which lit up his speeches goes, it was no longer visible.

That is but just the gift of engaging the crowd – just imagine how many more skills go to die in the world of politics, such as the type of administrative skills which would clean up certain state governments or organisational skills which could account for more services to be delivered more efficiently!

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