The plastic bag ban has been upon us for quite a while, but there are still many shops out there that aren’t properly taking advantage of the situation. If you’re clever, you can turn the bag ban into a big benefit by increasing your revenue and marketing your business through the tips listed below.


Sell Branded Reusable Shopping Bags

Now that plastic bags are being charged for, people are naturally in need of an alternative, and reusable bags have stepped in to take on the role. If you aren’t currently offering them for sale in your store, now is the time to start. You will be adding an additional revenue stream while also providing a service, and you can brand your bags to help out with marketing.

Give Away Reusable Bags

Selling reusable bags can add a whole new revenue stream to your business, but this isn’t the only option. In fact, you should strongly think about giving reusable bags away at no added charge. That might seem like a poor proposition at first, but it can make sense. For starters, the marketing value gained from having customers carry around a branded bag can make the cost more than worth it. You can also use such giveaways to increase customer loyalty. You might not provide a bag cost-free for every customer, but you can offer one when a certain amount is spent. Such a reward scheme will usually prove popular.

Raise Money for a Worthy Cause            

If shoppers do choose to pay extra for some single-use plastic bags instead of choosing to take one of your reusable ones, they’ll usually expect the money they pay for the fine to go towards a charitable cause, so make sure you pick one and let people know about it.

It helps to pick a smaller local charity to donate to since these are likely to be closer to people’s hearts. Donating to them will also reassert your shop’s position as part of the local community. Make donations of the accumulated fine funds every six months or so, and try to let people know through local papers and other avenues in order to gain some good PR.


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