You’d think that the amount of red tape we all still have to deal with today would perhaps be confined to the business world by now, since businesses naturally need to walk a much tighter compliance rope. That isn’t the case however. Just have something unfortunate happen to you like losing some of your most important documents and you’ll see how much of a nightmare it is to get everything all sorted out again!

I mean sure; if for example you lost all forms of your identity documents then naturally it would be quite a process to get you to prove that you are who you say you are, but in a world where the likes of biometric technology is available even in so-called third-world countries, there really is no need for us to be subjected to all this red tape. Something as simple as selling your house or even your car isn’t as simple as liaising with a buyer and then exchanging monies for the assets. There are all sorts of what would appear to be unnecessarily complicated steps one has to take as part of the process, most of which are aimed at the compliance factor.

After all, it is indeed about compliance and admittedly the laws created and enforced around this very necessary compliance are designed to protect all parties involved in whatever deal is going down. However, the laws themselves and their implementation have remained the same in a world where everything else has changed. The enforcers appear to be fixated on the process of compliance as well as the protocols as opposed to perhaps looking at the bigger picture and asking themselves just what the aim of the entire exercise is.

I mean if I want to get married, why do I need to involve the long arm of the law, my pastor and some witnesses as well? Why is the act of getting married a whole legal affair?

Okay, so the marriage example is perhaps a bit of overkill, but if I could bring your attention to what would perhaps be a more practical example, think about how much of a daunting exercise buying or selling a house is – more so selling. You’d swear somebody somewhere just doesn’t want you to sell your house, but fortunately amidst all the red tape we’re subjected to in just about all areas of our lives, there are what are essentially some red-tape power tools which can cut right through the red tape without hassle.

One such red-tape power cutting tool is that of National Home Buyers in the UK. With these guys in your corner you can sell your house without first having to list it in the open market and then playing what can be the real drag of the inevitable waiting game, not to mention all the back-and-forth issues of potential buyers trying to negotiate a deal that will have them bagging the property at a lower price than the one listed.

If you take the time to search around you’ll find that such red-tape power-cutting tools actually exists for every single area of our lives which is subjected to archaic standards of red tape – well, all but those processes which involve government departments, that is.

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