Whether you’re in grade school, or studying for a big college final, there are many different study methods that have been proven effective at any level of education.  In this busy world, education should really be an absolute priority.  Success in business requires a very knowledgeable and driven person.  Don’t sabotage your future by slacking throughout your education.  Here are a few effective study habits to help you secure your future in the business world.

How To Approach Your Studies

The way you approach studying will matter in the long run.  Obviously, if you approach the matter with a negative attitude, the process will be much more painful.  If you are overwhelmed with a relationship issue, or something else major in your life, it’s okay to tell yourself it just isn’t the right time to study.  That will only result in you going through an exercise of distress and struggle.  So make sure you’re in a healthy mindset before sitting down to dig into your curriculum.

Taking Notes


Most of the time, people try to take notes in such a way that they write down everything the teacher has to say.  Sometimes this works, but for most students, this isn’t a very good method of note-taking.  It’s much more effective if you build some sort of memory or emotional attachment to major points in the lecture and write down a summary of the knowledge presented that day.  You could also create charts to help with sorting the information.

Another tip for taking notes is to go easy on the highlighting.  Don’t abuse those poor highlighters by marking everything in the book.  You will only spend more time later trying to figure out where exactly you might find the information you’re looking for.  Try to only highlight important main topics that are relevant to the day’s lecture.

Repetition Is Important

The biggest part of learning something new is repetition.  The more you repeat the information to yourself, the more likely you are to absorb it.  You ability to retain new information also depends on what type of learner you are.  Some of us are more visual learners, some are auditory, or tactile.  There are quizzes available online that will help you to decipher what type of learner you are, and adjust your study methods accordingly.

Use Your Textbooks


It seems obvious that you should use your textbooks, but a whole bunch of students don’t even crack the cover of their textbooks throughout their educational career.  You can’t simply expect the instructor to give you all the information you need to complete your assignments.  Even if you only skim each chapter’s main points, you will pick up enough information to increase your retention.

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