Project management can be a real headache. There are a lot of balls you need to juggle to pull off a successful project. So how can you make your project management easier for you? What quantifies making it easier exactly, or is it just not as hard as before? There are actual ways of making it easier. This guide should be able to help you along.


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Know Your Team

Knowing your team is vitally important to project management. Even if you have quite a large group of people to manage, you need to know them on a personal and professional level. Let’s assume you’ve never met these people before. Start with their name and their job title. From there work on knowing their weaknesses professionally. Then start to identify their strengths. This kind of knowledge should allow you not only to have a rapport with your staff. Not only that but it should give you insight into how you can amplify their strengths and compensate for their weaknesses.

Prepare Yourself

Bad project management scenarios could be down to the head of development. That means if something isn’t going well, it could all be down to you rather than everybody else. If that’s the case, you need to think about additional training. Prince2 is a project management methodology that you can use to enhance your project management skills beyond their existing limits. You can learn Prince2 at Even if your project is going well, it can’t help to better yourself in the pursuit of an even better result.

Utilize Different People

Part of project management is bouncing certain people off each other. Going back to the concept of strengths and weaknesses, certain people will be able to counteract each other’s weaknesses. When splitting a project up into more manageable sections, be sure to allocate staff properly. Make sure the right people are together to negate any weaknesses as individuals so that they can succeed as a team.

Keep A Strict Schedule

Project management headaches stem a lot from deadlines. Failure to keep to deadlines can cost money. While you may not be able to set these deadlines yourself, you have to do everything in your power to reach them. That means overtime, weekends, and long hours for everybody. While tough on both you and your staff, if it has to happen it has to happen. It’s such a common occurrence on projects that hopefully you should all be used to it by now. Don’t allow much room for slipping behind on the project. If one area is taking longer than expected, you should hopefully be able to expedite another area to compensate.

Manage Resources Appropriately

At the start of a project, the progress needs to be evenly spread. Only in certain circumstances will you have to tackle one issue as a whole. As the project develops, you may have to make your staff more fluid than you expected. Moving resources to match the problems arising isn’t anything new, but you have to be sure you aren’t creating more problems. Moving staff on to a big problem can help solve it, but you’re creating another by leaving the work they should be doing not done. Don’t throw big solutions at big problems. Allocate enough resources to help with the fix, but not at the expense of other work.

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