3 Small Changes To Make Today For A Healthier You

Almost everyone can think of a way that they can be healthier in life, whether it’s quitting smoking, eating less sugar, or being more active. But while we know how important all of these things are, making big changes in your daily routine is much harder than you may think.

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How To Improve Health & Safety In Your Workplace

Health and safety is a key concern in modern business. First of all, as an employer, you never want to see your workers suffer an injury or accident. Secondly, you have a legal responsibility for their care while they’re on site. Many business owners ignore health and safety. After all, what can go wrong in a simple office? Well, more than you think!

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How to Pay off your Student Loan

The last thing a final year student wants to think is how to repay the student loan. Between trying to find work and adapting to living in a new city, the prospect of having to return a $40,000 loan with a 4.5% interest rate is neither bright nor encouraging. Still, there is no room for despair. It can actually be done, but it takes time, determination and most importantly, a plan. This short guide is all about making a plant and teaching you how to make a transition from being thousands of dollars in debt to being debt-free.

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Avoid a Debt Cycle of Payday Loans

Many people turn to payday loans as a small loan to get to their next pay check. Unfortunately, over 80% of payday loans rollover causing a revolving loan, much like credit cards, but with much larger consequences. These consequences are so large that many jurisdictions are instituting legislation to protect consumers against these predatory and usurious loans.

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Four Ways To Impress Your Boss

When you simply go to work and get your job done, even if you are the only one that ever gets your job done, you are still less likely to even get noticed by your boss. Simply doing only what your job calls for is never enough and it will hold you behind.

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5 Reasons to Get Involved In Real Estate

Real estate is an industry that is useful in nearly every locale and can be quite lucrative for the dedicated and successful. While most industries have their ups and downs, real estate is one that can be fairly predictable with the seasons. If you dedicate yourself to this career and learn the patterns, you may be able to relish off-seasons and spend time vacationing. Alternatively, if you choose to become a landlord, you may only have a small amount of work on a daily basis. Included here are a few reasons to get involved in this exciting industry.

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3 Tips for Breaking Into the Wedding Industry

With over $51 billions dollars to go around the wedding industry each year, according to Bloomberg, it’s no wonder hundreds and hundreds of businesses are trying to break into the wedding industry every summer. However, this industry can be extremely difficult to make a name in, especially if you’re starting from the ground floor. So to give you a leg up on getting a slice of that $51 billion pie, here are three tips for breaking into the wedding industry.

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