Risk and reward: the world’s most difficult markets

Investing abroad can bring lots of benefits to a trader, not least because it means diversity for the portfolio and a chance to break into markets that haven’t yet been fully tapped. However, there are also downsides: the regulatory environment in some places makes it next to impossible for an international trader used to the relatively nimble frameworks of Britain to break through, for example, while other markets may have tempting returns on offer only for them to face a wipeout risk through currency fluctuations. With this in mind, here are three appealing yet tough international markets for brave investors to consider.

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Conflicting Needs of Exporters and Importers

Banking systems define trade finance solutions as the financial process by which the period between receiving payment from customer and paying supplier is bridged by loans offered by financial institutions. The solution matrix is likely to include lending, issuing of letters of credit as well as export credit and insurance. The use of trade finance is found in domestic trade situations as well as international import and export service spectrums. Continue reading “Conflicting Needs of Exporters and Importers”

How to deal with bad reviews about your business

Every once in a while we will receive a bad review online for a genuine mistake we may have made. Say our servers were down that day and a potential client was trying to get in touch to purchase a large amount of products, but they obviously couldn’t because our servers were down. To us that was out of our control, but to them we ignored all of their efforts to get in touch and lost out on a great client.

People mostly leave reviews when they are angry about something, so they aren’t always the most understanding methods of communication between people. Knowing how to handle the situation can be a really useful tool and you can actually benefit from this negative comment rather than let it badly affect the reputation of your business.

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Boosting employee productivity by corporate days out

If you’re looking to increase productivity across your workplace, you should start looking at corporate team building activities. If so, you need to focus your attention on corporate team-building activities.

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When does your business need new premises?

You might not realise it, but your business could probably benefit from a new work environment. Don’t believe us? Here are the tell tale signs you should look out for.

You’re running out of room

The simplest reason for wanting to move offices is that it no longer comfortably houses your business. As your business becomes more successful, you’ll inevitably hire new team members, and each of them will need their own workspace and computer monitor. If you feel that your office is stopping you from hiring new people because you’re worried about fitting everyone in, it might be time to think about moving to a new place. Continue reading “When does your business need new premises?”

Defining Roles and Responsibilities in Project Management

Business projects tend to bring people together from within an organisation (as well as from without) to carry out various activities that aren’t always part of their normal job function. Some of these people may be contractors and specialists, brought in to provide functions and services that the organisation can’t provide itself, others may be members of staff who are seconded from their normal roles in order to help deliver the project. Continue reading “Defining Roles and Responsibilities in Project Management”

The latest high street trend isn’t what’s on the shelves

With online shopping as the norm for the modern-day shopper, the high streets initially saw less footfall. But in 2015, weekly shopper numbers increased by 40% for physical store, and is set to increase by 44% in 2018. The return of the high street shopper can be attributed to the social aspect of shopping, as many scout the stores before ordering online.

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