Top Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Do you have aspirations of being an entrepreneur? Many people like the idea of starting their own business ventures, and it is easy to see why as it can be incredibly rewarding to build a successful company from the ground up. As any experienced entrepreneur will tell you, this is no easy feat and it will take much more than a good business idea to succeed. You see many aspiring entrepreneurs make the same mistakes time and time again so it is important to know a few tips which should help you to hit the ground running and hopefully find success in your ventures. Here are a few key tips. Continue reading “Top Tips For Aspiring Entrepreneurs”

Lessons Learned from a Background Checks Clerk

So this week we sat down for a bit of a chat with a former background checks clerk, which is basically just somebody who follows up on the information presented in situations which involve the appointment of professionals. Her job was specifically to make sure employees who are already working for the companies that employed them were sincere in the information they included in their CVs or resumes. A very interesting job indeed, but she had some valuable lessons learned to share with us. Continue reading “Lessons Learned from a Background Checks Clerk”

Why People Remortgage

If you are new to owning property and mortgages or are still on your very first mortgage, you may be bemused as to why some people remortgage properties. To help you understand this area of property buying and ownership better, we are going to discuss the most common reasons. Continue reading “Why People Remortgage”

The absence of financial literacy in schools: Why money matters for future generations

As the old saying goes ‘money makes the world go round’ – money affects us all and is at the forefront of our daily lives, so it comes as a surprise that today’s generation of adults are not well equipped at handling their finances.  According to a 2018 study, three quarters of Brits are worried about money, with over half of adults in the UK expressing concern that their mental health is suffering as a result. Worryingly, young adults often feel that they have not been educated enough on financial matters at school. So, how do we improve the situation and teach young people how to manage their money? We’re taking an in-depth look into the issue with the help of company liquidation specialists Business Rescue Expert. Continue reading “The absence of financial literacy in schools: Why money matters for future generations”

3 Ideas To Bring More Traffic To Your New Business Website

Starting a new business can be hard. What can be just as challenging is trying to build a completely new business website that now has to compete against all the other websites that have been live for years and years. 

Continue reading “3 Ideas To Bring More Traffic To Your New Business Website”

Learn to play poker – how to do it?

Have you ever wanted to know how these rich poker professionals are making their moneys? We are glad to tell you that they aren’t actually holding any secrets, as most of the poker professionals are giving away lessons (some of them even do it for free) that tell you exactly HOW you are supposed to play in order to win. Even with all this information available, how come it’s not that easy then?

Continue reading “Learn to play poker – how to do it?”

4 Workplaces where you should still opt corporate tie

Fashion by its nature is a constantly evolving field and the suit and tie have seen many changes no different to any other type of clothing. However, it is a pretty undeniable fact that ties have fallen out of popularity in recent years.

Continue reading “4 Workplaces where you should still opt corporate tie”

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