Business software solutions have come a long way since the arrival of Microsoft Office in 1988, when Bill Gates announced its launch at COMDEX in Las Vegas. Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud version of Office, which provides software and services to the subscriber, for a monthly subscription. You simply connect online, set up an account, make your payment, then download the appropriate files, and go to work!  Apart from having access to all the Office apps, Office 365 also provides storage space on cloud’s OneDrive. It offers hosted versions of email and social media exchange platforms, to give the user a wide range of powerful tools.


The logical step to integration

Launched in 2011, Office 365 is the successor to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (MSBPOS). The concept was to provide online support to the many different types of businesses the Internet age has spawned. With constant updates and software additions, this powerful suite really covers everything, and offers a cost effective solution to all your business needs.

Why choose Office 365?

The consensus is that this product gives value for money. Those who work with Microsoft Outlook have total integration with Outlook email, calendar and tasks, so no need to become accustomed to a new interface.

Here are some of the major benefits of Office 365,

  • Free skype calls
  • Online storage with cloud
  • SharePoint’s OneDrive service
  • Access to MS Office apps on android and iOS devices, such as smartphones and tablets

The email exchange program gives complete reliability; check out this Office 365 review, which highlights the benefits of using Office 365.

Keeping pace with business development

Office 365 is constantly improving, incorporating new technologies, SharePoint being just one. The ability to share large files on a global network is invaluable on large projects. Another great addition is the International standard for protecting data storage on Microsoft’s cloud system. There is also the ability to build websites within 0ffice 365, in line with Wix, a powerful web content management system.

Multiple packages to suit all business

Office 365 has something for everyone, from the single person business to the corporate user.

  • The small business package includes up to 30 users
  • The midsize plan can handle up to 300 users
  • The Enterprise package covers unlimited users over 300

Total business solutions

There is no doubt that Office 365 can add a great amount of value to your business, whatever the size. Microsoft had the foresight to incorporate services such as skype and cloud, which gives business users the complete range of tools for working on a globalised platform, allowing real time collaboration in a secure environment. With encrypted file transmission, your data is protected, and the user has full control over permissions, allowing complete flexibility. Today’s business environment requires leading edge solutions, and Microsoft definitely hit the mail on the head with this powerful range of online services. So, if you need a package that really does what you need, look no further than Office 365.

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