There are many different factors that you need to consider when you are attending an exhibition, and there is an excellent article on this subject on the website to help make your attendance a success. If your event is taking part outdoors, then there are other factors which can complicate things and you will need to consider these when planning your exhibition stand.

Here are some points which you will need to keep in mind when you are planning your outdoor exhibition.

Plan For The Weather

The weather in Britain is unreliable at the best of times, so it is an important consideration that you will need to factor in when designing your outdoor exhibition stand. You will need to ensure that you use a quality contractor to build your stand and also make sure that it is going to be weatherproof. You will most likely need electrical power for your display stand to run computers, lights, sound system, or video screens, so you will need to make sure that your electrics are all safe from the elements. Having a well-built exhibition stand that is weatherproof will allow you display to stand out from the crowd no matter what the weather throws at you.

Lighting Your Exhibition Stand

When you are outdoors, there will be a massive effect on the lighting of your display, and you may find that it does not have the effect that you wanted. Unless your event is during the night, you will need to assess your lighting requirements and make sure that you do not use the same lighting plan that you would for an indoor event. If you have a bright sunny day, then you could find that your lights are almost useless.

Your Sound System

Even though you may be competing with lots of other exhibitors all using a PA system, it is important to note that the sound of an outdoor event is also completely different to one that is used indoors. You will need to make sure that you have a good PA system that is going to be able to make you be heard above the competing din, and it may also be worthwhile investing in extra speakers.

Plan For The Worst

When you plan for the worst, you can get a competitive advantage over your competition. If you design your area that also includes shelter from the elements, whether it is sun or rain, you could find visitors flocking to your display to escape them. Why not offer refreshments or Wi-Fi to help keep people at your stand, and you can even provide a place where people can charge their mobile devices while you talk to them.

No matter whether your next event is indoors or outdoors, the key to making it a success is planning ahead, and if you can cover as many eventualities as possible, you will be prepared no matter what happens. Find yourself a reputable exhibition stand contractor to build your design and find ways to spark your visitor’s interest. With some time and effort, you can almost ensure that your next exhibition is a resounding success.

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