“It can take years to build integrity but one small slip and it’s gone. A major error of judgement can be forgiven – a lapse of integrity never.”image

Having built up over 30 years of real estate experience in his busy career so far, Manish Chande is full of many insightful comments on how to conduct yourself in the cut-throat property business. All of them are worth listening to, for this is a man who has jumped from success to success on his way to becoming worth at least £70 million.

Currently a Senior Partner at Clearbell Capital – a real estate group specialising in UK commercial property development and investment – he originally started out training to be a chartered accountant. Climbing his way to Chief Executive of Imry Merchant Developers plc by 1995, he later took on board the same role at Trillium, a primary total property outsourcer he helped co-found with fellow Imry Merchant colleague Martin Myers.

Not satisfied with establishing one success story, he went on to co-found Clearbell Capital. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Chande’s career: his other posts have ranged from being a trustee of The London Clinic and The Canal and River Trust to working for the likes of Deloitte Haskins & Sells, National Car Parks Ltd and Mitie Group plc. Everywhere he has ever been, he has excelled.

This enviable track record has led to him receiving interest from investors across the world, from sovereign wealth funds to pension funds, family offices to high net worth individuals. Taking their money and carefully placing it in a wide range of sectors – from hotels and offices to distribution warehouses – he describes his approach to asset management as “intense”, as unlocking the value of his investments over time.

Yet this lifetime of hard work – for he is a complete workaholic, by his own admission – has not diminished his faith in strong beliefs. “Values are more than just names on a plaque” as he has said in an interview before. Chande feels that you should believe in what you do, an attitude shared by many others who have achieved his levels of success.

However, none of this should take away from his incredibly practical approach to working. He knows how to work with the government and contractors, and always aims to build co-operative, mutually beneficial relationships with both in the same way he does with all of his clients.

All of this makes his market insights worth listening to. In the past he has hit back at views that the rising prices of London’s property market will diminish investment opportunities there; that the under supply of real estate in key leasing markets outside of the capital will exist into the foreseeable future; and that rising interest rates shouldn’t lead to a significant expansion in property yields.

He also seems less concerned than most about the outcome of the impending EU referendum, saying that buying opportunities will always be in the UK regardless of the result, and has championed the often ridiculed ‘Northern Powerhouse’ initiative of the Government, saying that the north of the country presents a number of investment opportunities.

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