Plenty of hotels have small tables and a single uncomfortable chair, but it’s becoming increasingly common to look for smaller hotels or boutique serviced apartments that provide a laptop-friendly workspace. They should put comfortable seats and large working areas at your disposal, so a laptop-friendly workspace should be seen as vital if you’re going to be working from your accommodation instead of simply using it as a base to see the sights.

Here are just a few reasons why laptop-friendly workspaces are so important.


If you’re going to be working from your accommodation, you’ll probably spend more than an hour or two sitting at your temporary desk, and you need to be comfortable while you work. A properly cushioned chair and a working surface that allows you to spread out is invaluable if you want to stay feeling refreshed and avoid any pain in your back or rear.


Working from a small hotel room desk doesn’t feel very professional, so you’re unlikely to feel particularly inspired. That’s a small annoyance if you’ll be working alone, but a lack of professionalism is even worse if you’ll be entertaining colleagues or clients. Whether you want to impress a potential client or co-work with a colleague, you’ll want a space that looks and feels professional.

Work/Life Balance

Okay, work/life balance might not seem like such a factor if you’re only staying somewhere for a day or two, but you should still take into account that having a dedicated space to work really does put you in the right mood to get going. If you’re having to get down to business laid out on the bed or sitting right next to the television set, it’s often harder to concentrate. This is one reason why business travellers generally prefer serviced apartments to hotel rooms.

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