Finding the right profession for you is one of the most difficult challenges to face in life.  It is hard to decide what you want to do over and over again, every day, for the next two or three decades.  

Researching the ins and outs of the professions that interest you most is a great way to begin the hunt for a career.  Before dedicating your time and energy to learning a specific craft, try learning a bit about what the job truly requires.  

For starters, you may want to know the professions  that suffer the highest stress levels.  Stress often leads to negative health effects, in one way or another, and can be a terrible impact on your quality of life.  Here is a quick overview of a few of the most prevalent professions for substance abuse issues.  

Food service and accommodations

Food service and accommodations consists of hotel workers, restaurant employees, bartenders, and food-service contractors.  Any worker who provides lodging accommodations, prepares food, beverages and/or meals for immediate consumption is considered to be operating in food service and accommodations.  

These professions lead all other industries in illicit drug use.  Alcoholism runs rampant in these industries, as it is so readily available.  Food service and accommodations ranks third for alcoholism, after mining and construction workers.  

Construction workers

Construction is second in a long list of industries for alcoholism and illicit drug use.  The hands-on nature of the work done by construction workers can lead to some extreme self-medicating.  

Injuries are common, and prescription drug addiction is one of the leading struggles in the construction industry.  You have to have a strong will to go along with a strong body to thrive in the realm of construction.  

Workers in the business of entertainment

Over 12 percent of workers asked admitted to illicit drug use.  The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that workers in the entertainment industry are more likely than 90 percent of any other industry to become addicted to drugs or alcohol.  

Doctors and medical professionals

The numbers show that doctors and medical professionals may be more likely to abuse drugs than the patients to whom they are prescribing the medications.  

The emotional and mental stress of working as a physician in a hospital emergency room, or a psychiatrist, is hard to handle.  Drugs prescribed to cope with these struggles are highly addictive, and not everyone can control their use.  

Attorneys and lawyers

As a young lawyer, a professional faces a tremendous amount of debt, along with a stress load to match.  Nearly 30 percent of those who practice law develop an alcohol addiction within the first ten years of practicing.  

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