Many of us still hesitate to invest in life insurance policy as we think it is not a wise decision to get good return. But before you think the same, you should first understand the inherent purpose of having life insurance and the benefits that it bestows upon us.


Protect Your Loved Ones:

Main aim of life insurance is not to give huge profit like other market-linked plans but to secure you and your family even after your demise. It is the best possible way to show your love and affection for your family. It is obviously a financial decision controlled by your emotional feelings. It is about caring your family in your lifetime and after your death too.

It Is For The Livings:

Although life insurance inevitably evokes a thought of death but it is actually for the livings. It is the reflection of your care and love for your family. You will not get the benefit directly for yourself but your loved ones will be benefitted through your decision of opting life insurance policy. It is like saving your family from a financial turmoil that arises immediate after your death.

Build A Secure Financial Future:

Life insurance comes with primary motto to safeguard your family’s future. But it also builds up huge fund for your retired life. As you have religiously invested for longer span of time, it gives you lump sum amount of money at the end of coverage period. This amount can be spent on your child’s higher education or his/her marriage. You can also re-invest this money in some other way to get a good return to enjoy retirement without any financial hardship.

Cut Tax and Save More:

The best part of life insurance is you can save income tax measurably. So it is a wise decision to go for an insurance policy if you want to cut down the tax burden on you. Clearly life insurance serves the dual purpose of securing your family’s future as well as saving your hard-earned money. In addition to this, life insurance plans are the safest way to invest money unlike other market-linked investment plans.


There are many types of insurance policies like permanent insurance and term insurance. Permanent life insurance policy is generally little bit costly but it returns you the sum assured with decent interest rate after its coverage ends. Term insurance is very popular among those who can’t afford heavy insurance premiums but wants to enjoy bigger sum assured. It is suitable for short-term liabilities like home loans, child’s education and your retirement. Only negative part of term insurance is you are not going to get your money back after the insurance ends.

It Gives Your Family Time and Strength To Fight Adversity: 

It is too common that when the income earner dies, family members have to make tough decisions which affect them emotionally and financially as this is not a good time to make choices. If your family is secured with life insurance, they can sustain their life on the money they get from insurer. It buys them time and strength to decide on things logically not drastically. You will never understand the importance of life insurance in your lifetime but your immediate family members will do at the hardest phase of their lives.

Life insurance in any form gives you security and protection from any unknown hardship lurking in the future. It offers you the peace-of-mind of securing your near and dear one’s life. It is the most judicious and loving decision that you can take for sake of your family. We always hope for the best but we also have to be prepared for the worst.

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