So this week we sat down for a bit of a chat with a former background checks clerk, which is basically just somebody who follows up on the information presented in situations which involve the appointment of professionals. Her job was specifically to make sure employees who are already working for the companies that employed them were sincere in the information they included in their CVs or resumes. A very interesting job indeed, but she had some valuable lessons learned to share with us.

To understand law is to understand business

The former background checks clerk has since left her job and she shall not be named for obvious reasons of confidentiality. She’s decided to start her very own business operation, proving that understanding law effectively equates to understanding business. She has a legal qualification herself and so she fully understood what the legal implications of stating information under oath are, as implied by supplying certified copies of information such as proof of qualifications and the likes.

To understand law is indeed to understand business, so much so that the offices of a Real Estate Attorney in Monroe NC are always busy, but not always occupied by clients who have a legal issue to deal with. Often it’s clients that seek some consultancy-type advice.

It’s not even just an understanding of economic law specifically which equates to an understanding of business. It’s the understanding of law in the general sense, especially with regards to the risks associated with pushing some of the boundaries and experimenting with legal grey areas.

There is more good in the world than there is bad

As our former background checks clerk friend relays to us, there are definitely some people who have taken mega chances in their creativity with regards to the manner through which they presented their credentials. However, most of this was done innocently, such as how someone would list their friend, who happens to own a business, as a character reference, but that character reference was mistaken for a previous employer reference.

It’s a bit of a stretch to extract that specific lesson out of this particular scenario, but the important thing is the lesson.

There’s a fine line between values and profits

The background checks clerk noted how on so many occasions prospects who went on to land the job they were applying for falsified some information or were a little bit misleading. Upon reporting back to their employers though, the employers decided not to take any action, citing how good at their jobs those employees turned out to be.

The so-called “dirty-work” often drives profits

This lesson was delivered more through a collaboration with someone working in the claims department of an insurance company as opposed to forming a regular part of her primary backgrounds check job. Basically she reported on how her new business partner, the former claims approval officer, was tasked with finding ways through which they could have grounds to deny the insurance claims of her insurance company’s clients.

This is the so-called “dirty-work” which appears to drive the profits, ultimately contributing to her leaving her job and joining her friend to pursue a much nobler career driven by entrepreneurship.

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