Have you ever wanted to know how these rich poker professionals are making their moneys? We are glad to tell you that they aren’t actually holding any secrets, as most of the poker professionals are giving away lessons (some of them even do it for free) that tell you exactly HOW you are supposed to play in order to win. Even with all this information available, how come it’s not that easy then?

There are multiple different variables when it comes to playing poker professionally and to be honest, not everything can be taught through online courses. Things that are extremely hard to improve is actually the basic characteristics of you. Your abilities to take risks, avoid risks, etc. All these qualities are playing a major role on your career, if you want to pursuit the life of an professional poker player. Please follow along and see from the list if you have what it takes to be professional.

 Watch instructional videos and subscribe to your favourite coaching site 

There are tens of different coaching sites out there, mostly ran by pro players. They aren’t holding back any secrets in order to keep the playing field level from them. They are genuinely giving away advices that novice players can take advantage of. Okay, well they are obviously charging you money from giving away their knowledge, but that’s the least you could expect from them. Nobody isn’t going to give out their hard earned informations away for free.

The subscription fees can vary between 20 USD to 100 USD (average) and it’s up to you to decide what you are looking to gain from them. If you’re currently playing microstakes, it’s not advisable to spend hundreds of dollars to purchase subscriptions. Try the free versions first and see if you could gain any valuable information through that. 

Hire a coach 

Much like the coaching sites, this method offers coaching as well. Hiring a personal coach will differ from the video courses as with the personal coach you have the ability to discuss 1 on 1 and make a plan of how you guys want to approach your goals of being a professional poker player. Hiring a professional coach isn’t the cheapest option as their hourly rates will usually get counted in hundreds of dollars.

Hiring a coach is usually good idea if you’re playing midstakes and want to improve your winrate, or climb up the ladders all the way through high stakes. 

Redeem your bonuses 

Bonuses or rakeback can make or break your bankroll, especially in the beginning when you’re trying to build your bankroll. Make sure you redeem all available bonuses as those can add value to your bankroll instantly, without having to play a single hand. If you want to compare these amazing poker bonuses, you can visit a site called www.kasinopotti.com From that site you’ll find all the information you need in order to claim the best available bonuses.

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