Okay, so the long, warm days of summer are a distant memory. Even Christmas has come and gone, and now your kids are stuck inside on rainy days instead of being able to get out and burn off their energy. Instead of letting them get bored or park themselves in front of the TV or computer, why not get them moving with a game of indoor catch?

That might sound like a recipe for disaster, but it doesn’t have to be. You can indulge their creative sides by crafting a simple indoor-friendly paper bag ball that can be thrown around without risking damage.

To start, simply collect together these popular crafting items.

Now that you’re ready, start my drawing in some threads on the paper bag. These should look like they’re forming the laces you see on American footballs, and drawing them on will help keep everything organized.

You can now open the bag from the bottom and fold the corners in. Use your hot glue to secure them down, doing the same on each side. Once each side is glued down, you can go ahead and glue both sides together. Grab that shredded or crumped newspaper and stuff it in. Remember not to fill it too much – a little will go a long way.

Once your paper bag ball is all filled up, glue the open side shut so it’s the same basic shape as the other side. Leave to dry and you now have a ball that can be tossed back and forth inside the home.

If you want, why not get a little creative by decorating it in the colours of your kid’s favourite sports teams?


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