Organizing a conference takes significant effort – sometimes it is difficult to collect a list of participants and other important information. Compliance with deadlines, organizing meetings – all of it can be much easier for all of us – Konfeo system is a new application that will help you to organize a good conference. Konfeo is a great application for organizing various types of events. Conferences, staff – training workshops, business negotiations – all of this will be very simple now. combines three key features. We know how important it is to simplify the handling of a business application. Time is the most important thing in business – this is the main reason why Konfeo is so user-friendly.

The second key feature is safety of your important data – our system uses an SSL certificate and its architecture ensures secure data flow. Information about conference participants are completely safe. The most important feature – you do not have to download anything. Konfeo is online software – it means that you will never lose your data.

Why should you choose Konfeo?

More than 150,000 users have already used Konfeo application. Konfeo was created by the best programmers and experts in the industry. All of them are practitioners, it means that they know what tools you need. You can be sure that is intuitive and efficient application due to which you will organize all your events. Konfeo was designed to make work in it efficient and did not require any specific training. Konfeo system based on our 12 years of experience in designing advanced web applications. We know needs of our clients and we practically use the knowledge about the organization of work and business meetings. We are also focused on time management. Our software implements the “less is more” philosophy in practice. Konfeo contains all the tools necessary to organize a successful conference. You do not have to waste time sitting in the office – with any mobile device you can instantly get access to all the information you need.

Well-organized employee training will increase productivity and help the company get more income. Your employees can develop their skills. You can also invite your business partners to a conference to develop cooperation with them. It is worth remembering the tools that Konfeo offers. The system is definitely worth signing up.

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