When you hear someone say ‘people are a company’s most important resource’ what do you think? Do you think it sounds cheesy or that it is so true?

Me? I think both, it sounds kind of like a cliché, but I know from my Dad’s business and my own experience that it is actually very important to keep good staff when you find them. However, that is often easier said than done, so I thought it would be helpful to write a short post to give you some ideas about how to keep your staff happy and on side.

Recognise how valuable good staff are

The first step to creating a good working environment is to understand just how important your workforce really is. If you do not really believe this to be true, you will not be properly motivated to look after your staff, and you will not be able to convince your workers that you do value them. You may need to adjust your mindset by thinking about what would happen if one or two of your key employees did not turn up for a week.


Show your staff they are valued

Whenever you can show your staff that you value them. Simply thanking them on a regular basis is something so many people forget to do. If you have a difficult day, a rush job, or fulfil a big contract thank your staff for their efforts, for getting the business through that time or event.

Holding holiday parties, an annual picnic or day out is something that a lot of workforces enjoy. It is fun, helps people to bond and is a great way to thank everyone for their hard work.

Share your success

Consider putting in place some sort of bonus scheme. That can be a share scheme or a simple reward scheme. It can be as simple as giving an award to staff that come up with new ideas or for the teams who solve a particular business problem or meet a target.

Office life: business team during a meeting
Office life: business team during a meeting

Be patient and polite

Always try to be polite and as patient as possible. Snapping at those around you when you are under pressure is understandable, but is something you need to work hard not to do. A careless comment or a few harsh words can unravel a loyal relationship that has taken years to build.

Develop your staff

Developing and training your staff is key to retaining them. Most people like to progress in their career and to be able to do their current job well. They enjoy learning new skills.

Putting together a good training programme for your staff will help you, and them, in all sorts of ways. When done right staff training is a good investment, and it need not be difficult to do.

It will take a little time to set up, but using good quality HR software makes it easy. This kind of software can be used to monitor staff progress, make sure that all statutory qualifications are kept up to date and to keep track of who has which skills. Click here to find more information about this type of software.

HR software can also help you to manage your staff on a day-to-day basis, which makes it a good investment. You can use it to manage staff rotas, productivity, and absenteeism. As well as make sure that holidays are taken and the right wages and taxes are paid. Managing these aspects of work life fairly and consistently will also help to keep your staff content and ensure that there is no unnecessary friction in the workplace.

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