As businesses expand, there are some elements that come into being almost organically, without being strategically planned. Managing HR can be one of those. Businesses tend to feel there are certain things they ‘should have’ to be a proper company, and an HR person or team is one of those – however it can often look to members of other teams like HR is just there to create bureaucracy that actually costs everyone time and doesn’t benefit the business.

Getting More from HR


This isn’t how it should be. A good HR operation can mean it is easy to deal with the legal side of employing people, and can also help you staff your teams with the best people, as well as doing things like tracking staff development. Of course, to do that you need to make your HR works that way, rather than just having someone there to keep track of stuff like vacation and sick days and other things that are important from a practical perspective but add very little ROI.

Does Your HR Need an Overhaul?

If you are concerned that your HR, whether it is a whole team or just an HR manager, is not adding enough value to your business right now, and feel that some process changes could be beneficial, then the first thing to do is look at what HR currently does. Do you, as a business owner, actually know how your HR people spend their days? Do they have to get involved with management issues that line managers could better take care of (for instance appraisals – while HR can manage the records and ensure managers follow the processes, can they really be involved in assessing a person they don’t work with?)? Do they spend time looking into things that only those with a full view of overall staffing can do, like forecasting where extra staffing budget may soon be needed?

Improving Processes with Better Tools


When it comes to improving the way your HR operates so it can take a more proactive role in furthering the business and spend less time on admin overheads, the tools they have at their disposal are key. HR software like XCDHR can take a lot of the hassle out of the admin work, and also provide good metrics and overviews of the company’s staffing situation. Processes HR may get involved with can be numerous, and the more you can integrate things like expense claims, vacation requests, medical leave and maternity processes, as well as procedures for hiring and staff who leave, the better your HR can run. Having a system that can control and manage all of these records reduces admin overheads substantially.

Arming your HR people with better tools and processes can cut down the amount of time and money wasted on bureaucracy. However, it is also important that you have a strategy for how to better use the HR time this can free up to do things like attract and retain better talent.

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