If you have limited cash, the answer is a big YES!

Zero bank account is the last thing anyone would want. Actually, it’s a zero bank account AND some emergency situations to deal with! No one would want that, right? Imagine, a family member hospitalized and the cash is low. Where will you get the money?

Fortunately, we now have the guarantor loan. It might just be the easiest and fastest loan deal ever ‘invented’. The approval rate of such loan is high because of one important factor – the guarantor! The guarantor is someone who is willing to pay the loan if the client cannot do it himself. After some credit checking, financial status evaluation and contract signing, the company releases the money. But when a client is one hundred percent sure he can pay the loan, the signature and confirmation of the guarantor is just for formalities sake.


The guarantor loan is the perfect solution for someone who needs money during emergency situations. The processing time is quick and the paperwork won’t take long. Moreover, some companies accept applications on-line.

For instance, the SUCO loans need only three requirements. First, he/she must be 18 years old or more. Second, he/she must have a good credit history and can afford to pay the loan. Finally, the most important, the client or borrower must produce a dependable guarantor. A trusted friend or family member may become guarantors. What is important is that he/she is willing to pay the loan of the borrower.  Clients with approved application will receive the money in a matter of days. Less processing time is one of the best features of the guarantor loan.

To make things even easier for the client, guarantor loans are also given low average percentage rate or APRs. Clients need not worry too much about the rate because some companies have flexible rates too.


During emergency situations, getting stressed out because of a loan application is the last thing you would want.  A guarantor loan is the best way to go if you want fast and easy transaction. The requirements are easy to understand and to follow. Just keep in mind the most important factor – someone who will back you up in your loan application.

Finally, remember that guarantor loans are not just for emergency purposes.  It can help you with any kind of financial situation. Opening a business is a great idea when you know exactly what to do. If you need money in a matter of days, just apply for the hassle-free guarantor loan!

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